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Getting a Philippine driver’s license is a pretty straightforward process, but add a few thousand miles into the equation and there are additional steps that need to be followed. Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) don’t need to book a ticket and fly all the way back to their mother country should they be required to renew. 

Filipinos who are living overseas can and are already license holders in the Philippines may renew their licenses through authorized representatives in the country. This capability was brought about by the amendment of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) administrative order number 88-002 (A.O. No. 88-002 of November 1988), then broadened by the administrative order RIB-2007-011 (A.O. No. RIB 2007-011). 

So far, the LTO allows for overseas Filipinos to only renew their license. This means that current license holders due for renewal may take advantage of the service that the LTO provides so long as they meet the requirements for renewal. 

LTO East Avenue

In order to renew your driver’s license, you need to get an authorized representative that will personally make an appearance at the designated LTO licensing, renewal, or central offices. 

As with all LTO-related or licensure-related things, you need documents. There are a few more things that you need to prepare in order to renew your license, so you have to produce these documents in addition to the ones that you need: 

  • Certificate of employment of the licensee
  • Photocopies of passport (first page, visa page, and departure in the Philippines and last arrival overseas) 
  • Letter of authorization for the representative 
  • Photocopy of driver’s license with driver’s license receipt (if available) 

Once you’ve sent over all of your documents and requirements, you want to send your authorized representative to the LTO office. He or she must then be required to pay the fees associated with license renewal: 

Fees for renewal 

License fee:                                   P585

Computer fee:                               P67.63

Application fee:                             P100

Additional  computer fee:              P67.63

Estimated total without penalties:  P820.26

Other fees:

Penalty fee for one day to one year expired                      P75

Penalty fee for more than 1 year to 2 years expired           P150

Penalty fee for more than 2 years expired (re-exam)         P225

These fees may be added to your total estimate if you are late in renewing your license. 

Following the process, your representative will be given a Driver’s License Receipt, which should serve as your Temporary Driver’s License

Following all of these steps, you need to present yourself to the LTO within 30 days after arriving in the country at the same office where you sent your representative to renew your license. 

You will need to present yourself to the LTO and receive your license card and submit the additional requirements. Following that, you will need to take your photo and affix your signature.  

Remember, you will still need to fill out and process the application form and submit it to the appropriate window of the LTO. Following that, you will go through the standard process of application. 

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