9 most value-packed diesel-powered cars, MPVs, and pickups for under P1-million

9 most value-packed diesel-powered cars, MPVs, and pickups for under P1-million

Nowadays, some new car buyers are beginning to make the switch from gasoline-powered vehicles to those that run on cheaper diesel fuel. But with the vast number of options in the market, which one should you go for?

That’s why we at AutoDeal.com.ph searched our extensive Car Guide to give you a list of the 9 most value-packed diesels under P1-million that’s currently available. The selection includes sedans, MPVs, and pickups for you to choose from.

Sedan / Hatchback

Known for their ride comfort, driving experience, and convenience on city streets, sedans and hatchbacks also offer great fuel economy and seats for 5 passengers. This makes them well suited for the daily commute and long drives.

Hyundai Accent Sedan 1.6 E AT (P778,000)

The Accent was brought onto our shores a few years ago and was one of the first subcompact sedans to be offered with a diesel option. One of its best features is its 1.6L engine with Variable Geometry Turbocharger technology. This gives it good fuel efficiency and power on demand. It also has a sporty hatchback version with prices starting at P808,000.

Volkswagen Polo Sedan Trendline 1.6 TDI MT (P950,000)

The Polo’s minimalist design makes it a timeless classic that’s sure to turn heads. It also boasts a 1.6L TDI engine that can easily do 16.0 km/L yet packs enough power for a sporty drive. And since it’s German-engineered, you’re assured of the quality it can deliver.

Peugeot 301 1.6 HDi MT (P990,000)

The French marque is an expert when it comes to diesel engines. Armed with daytime running lights and chiseled hood, the 301 carries a truly enticing appeal. It also has safety features such as rear parking sensors and cruise control, which are not found in all of the diesel-powered models in its segment.

Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV)

The immense interior capacity of MPVs is the main selling point of these 7-seaters. This, combined with a dependable diesel engine, makes them a practical choice as a family car.

Toyota Innova J 2.5 DSL MT (P887,000)

Based on AutoDeal's data, the Innova is one of the most popular models that visitors shop for. With its massive cabin space and ample legroom for its passengers, it’s no surprise that this MPV is a popular choice among Filipino families. The attractive price point also make it one of the best deals in the market.

Chevrolet Spin 1.3 MT LTZ (P928,888)

The Spin is a subcompact MPV with a beefy exterior that is backed up by its long body and huge trunk capacity 711 L, which can be maximized further by folding all the seats. It also has a notable fuel consumption of 15.2 km/l which is quite handy. Lastly, passengers at the back aren’t forgotten as A/C vents are present up to the third row seats. Unfortunately, the Spin is on limited stocks as of the moment.

Mahindra Xylo 2.2L MT (P850,000)

The Xylo is a 7-seater MPV that you can turn into an 8-seater with a slight change in its seat configuration. Its 3rd row seats can also be folded entirely flat so you can maximize the cargo space. Its 2.2L mHawk engine can max it out to 120 hp and 280 Nm of torque which is outstandingly powerful in its class. You also get to enjoy dual zone air-conditioning and a 2DIN head unit with 6 speakers. Not bad for an MPV that has the lowest price tag in this list.


With a huge cargo bed and payload capacity, these are true workhorses for businesses. Their need for enormous amount of torque makes them the primary users of diesel technology. But they also offer amenities that make pickups suitable for the daily commute or family weekends.

Isuzu D-Max LT-X MT 4x2 (P935,000)

Designed to perform on and off-the-road, the D-Max has an immense cargo bed that can carry up to 1,085 kg of weight. Meanwhile, you and your passengers will also be entertained inside with a 7-inch multifunctional LCD head unit that comes standard with this variant. Its LS variants have also been updated with a more powerful 3.0 VGS engine though they have a price tag that starts at P1,090,000. 

FOTON Thunder 4x4 (P998,000)

From a brand known for its trucks and heavy machineries, the FOTON Thunder promises toughness that it inherited from its bigger brothers. Aside from its competitive engine rating, it's 1,520mm x 1,580mm x 440mm cargo bed that can carry up to 1,000 kg of payload is one of the biggest in its segment. You'll also get 4x4 capabilities, leather seats, rear parking sensors, and dual front airbags – things that are missing from its competitors under a million Pesos.

Nissan NP300 Navara 4x2 6-speed MT (P912,000)

The Navara's new multi-link rear suspension technology makes it a front-runner among these pick-up trucks when it comes to ride comfort. It's also one of the most powerful; it's 2.5L turbocharged diesel engine can churn out a maximum of 163 hp and 403 Nm of torque. And did we mention that it’s 7AT Calibre variant won the 2015 Truck of the Year - Philippines?

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