Car Comparo: Toyota Wigo vs Chevrolet Spark as best budget car

Car Comparo: Toyota Wigo vs Chevrolet Spark as best budget car

We are lucky that car manufacturers are now offering vehicles at such a low entry level price point. One of these are subcompact hatchbacks which feature small engine displacements that yields decent fuel economy.

Whether you’re on the lookout for your first car, an addition to your fleet, to start an Uber business, or a more economic daily transporter, a subcompact hatch presents a good case for your money.

Using the AutoDeal Car Guide, we compare two cars in the segment – the Toyota Wigo and the Chevrolet Spark. We selected the base model for both vehicles in order to see which has the best bang for your buck.


The Wigo easily takes this one, coming in with a P473,000 price tag, compared to the P548,888 of the Spark. The P75,888 difference between the two makes the Wigo a solid choice for those on the budget.

Can the Wigo take it all? Or will the Spark be able to justify its price especially to those who have a few more bills to spend? Read on and find out which of these give your money’s worth.


Both have a 1.0L engine, though the Spark’s 68 hp and 90 Nm of torque edges out the Wigo’s 65 hp and 85 Nm of torque by a small fraction. A 5-speed manual transmission is used for the two vehicles which is expected from a base model.

Despite being higher in power ratings, the Spark comes out more fuel efficient as it yields 23.8 km/l in contrast to the Wigo’s 15.9km/l. With power and efficiency, the Spark takes this one for a quick tie.


The Spark measures 3,640mm long and 1,549mm tall, compared to the 3,600mm and 1,520mm of the Wigo. The 29mm difference in height gives the Spark an additional inch of headroom.

In terms of width and wheelbase, the Spark spans 1,597mm and 2,375mm respectively while the Wigo has 1,620mm and 2,450mm. The 23mm advantage of the Wigo in width gives you a bit more side-to-side comfort, while the 75mm disparity in the wheelbase translates to around 3-inches more legroom inside.

In the luggage area, only the Spark has a figure at 170L, which can be expanded to 568L if the rear seats are folded. The Wigo also has foldable rear seats, but Toyota Motor Philippines have not released data regarding its cargo capacity.

With both vehicles nearly similar in size and featuring foldable rear seats, the Wigo can’t be that far behind the Spark in terms of luggage size. The Spark’s slight vertical advantage is advantageous for taller people, while the Wigo has a bit more width and legroom. The differences may not be much, but having two against one, this round goes to the Toyota.


The Wigo has the basics covered with a 1-DIN music player that comes out of 2 speakers. It can be connected to using Aux and USB.

For its part, the Spark has a unique looking column-mounted instrument cluster, inspired by motorcycles. It also has a 1-DIN music player, but has 2 more speakers than the Wigo. It can also be connected to via Aux and USB. Lastly, the Spark has a 12V power outlet.

Both can accommodate 5 people on fabric seats, but the Spark takes this comparo to another tie for its added amenities.

Safety and Technology

Only the basics were covered by the Wigo in this category, featuring front airbags and power locks. If you want Anti Brake-lock and anti-theft systems, you would have to step up to the manual version of the G variant which is priced at P526,000.

On the other hand, the Spark has an airbag on the driver’s side only, but it makes up for it by having keyless entry and an anti-theft system that includes an electronic immobilizer.

The Wigo might have one more airbag, but the Spark made sure you get your money’s worth, and they put it in the best category. Aside from security, the keyless system is convenient when you’re coming in with both hands full. That, and its alarm with immobilizer give you more confidence that you’ll return to the parking lot with your car still there.


Even though the Spark is a step ahead than the Wigo in this comparo with a 3-2 lead, this ends in a tie.

The Spark was able to shine in performance, interior amenities, and safety, by having more power, more features, and more safety measures. But that’s to be expected considering its price tag.

The Wigo might be cheaper but it didn’t cut down on things that matter like engine, airbags, and cabin space. For P75,888 less, you are still getting a reliable vehicle you can drive confidently every day, and presents itself as an attractive option to those who want a no-frills kind of vehicle.

As always, a spec sheet does not tell the whole story of the vehicles. It’s better if you get to drive each one first then decide for yourself if you like the feel and overall appeal of the car.

To see the comparison for yourself, you may visit the AutoDeal Car Guide tool.

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