• SRP P1,410,000
  • Discount P10,000
  • Discounted Price P1,400,000
  • Time Left
Deal Highlights
  • Available for both cash and financing.
  • Available for individual or corporate purchases.
  • 4WD Terrain Command Select Dial

    4WD Terrain Command Select Dial

    Features an easy to use 4WD system that benefits more cabin space and a more straight-forward operation.

  • High Ground Clearance

    High Ground Clearance

    Boasts great off-road capability thanks to its 235 mm ground clearance coupled with the 4WD drivetrain with LSD for optimum grip.

  • Large Cargo Bed

    Large Cargo Bed

    The heavy-duty chassis complements the large cargo bed to accommodate the bulkiest of loads from the store, farm, or the construction site.

1. Standard Financing rates apply. 2. Photos and artwork may vary from actual unit. 3. Loan application is subject to bank approval.

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