• SRP P2,800,000
  • Downpayment P560,000
  • Monthly P47,747
  • Loan Term 36 Months
  • Time Left
Deal Highlights
  • FREE 3-year Preventive Maintenance Service.
  • FREE 2-year Comprehensive Insurance.
  • FREE 2 Platinum Coldplay Tickets.
  • FREE Paint Protection.
  • FREE VKool Tint.
  • MINI Cooper Clubman

    Run-Flat Tires

    Run-flat technology allows you to keep driving on a flat tyre at speeds of up to 80 km/h. You’ll be able to keep on driving to a place where you can change the tyre safely.

  • MINI Cooper Clubman

    Form follows function – the MINI way.

    A longer wheelbase and roofline create an elongated elegance that catches the eye and creates the ample space inside. While the familiar Clubman Split Doors at the rear are now surrounded by broad shoulders and horizontal lights for an athletic stance.

  • MINI Cooper Clubman

    Ready to pounce.

    The MINI Cooper Clubman go-karts with the flow. Reaching 0-100 km/h in 9.1 seconds, and hitting 205 km/h with ease

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