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14 Reviews

Ms. Abby replies to queries very promptly. She is very helpful.

Mar 26, 2022

It was trully a great experience purchasing my first MG car. Abby was able to share to me all aspects of the car that helped me make the decision right away. I had already recommended my friends to check out MG and hopefully can lead to more sales for Abby and the team. Cheers to MG’s continued success this year!

Anonymous, MG RX5 Alpha AT
Mar 26, 2022

Moses Aragones, MG RX5 Alpha AT
Mar 22, 2022

Abby has been very accommodating from the time I inquired. She responds to my queries quickly and is diligent in providing regular updates. My transaction with MG Makati went smoothly thanks to her.

Jhamie Latonero, MG ZS 1.5 Style AT
Mar 16, 2022

Very accomodating. I'm impressed.

Armando IIi Trinidad, MG ZS 1.5 Alpha AT
Jan 06, 2022

Abby tried to accomodate most of my requests before and after the sale of the unit. Overall, we are happy with our purchase. Will definitely come to her first when it's already time to get another unit.

Kenneth Guarino, MG 6 Alpha AT
Jan 04, 2022

Kudos to Ms Abby Hispano for the smooth and hassle-free assistance in acquiring my unit. Very accomodating and explains all the details clearly. Worth recommending! Thank you Autodeal for efficient and user-friendly platform, more power!

Cary Aldous, MG ZS 1.5 Style AT
Dec 02, 2021

She's very accommodating when it comes to requests and queries. Appreciate also that she follows-up to check if there are problems with car after sale. We recommend her as an agent :)

Anonymous, MG ZS 1.5 Style AT
Dec 01, 2021

Very accommodating agent

Jessica Halagao, MG ZS 1.3 T Trophy
Aug 21, 2021

She made sure to release the unit as promised.

Adrian Alban, MG ZS 1.5 Style AT
Aug 15, 2021