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2 Reviews

I made my first car purchase, a Toyota Avanza 1.3E, from AJ Pajarillo at Toyota Balintawak. AJ was Excellent, Honest, and very diligent during the car purchase process. He answered all questions and provided us a great deal. Hassle free and very professional.

Two thumbs up! I would definitely recommend AJ and Toyota Balintawak to family and friends.

Fe Binayug, Toyota Avanza 1.3 E AT
Oct 17, 2019

AJ is very commendable as a sales agent. She will surely take care of you in the entire process. From the smallest of all details, up to the big ones, she will keep you updated. Instruction-wise, she's great at assisting you on the steps you have to undertake. One-of-a-kind sales agent indeed. Thank you so much for the wonderful service (assistance). ☺️

Adolfo Martin Soliman, Toyota Wigo 1.0 G AT
Oct 11, 2019