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9 Reviews

Very professional, accommodating and with a good communication skills. we are perfectly satisfied for her.

Eduardo Yarso, Nissan Almera 1.5 E MT
Mar 02, 2021

She is a very good agent....highly appreciated and very helpful

Juanito Alcontin, Nissan Navara 2.5 EL Calibre AT 4x2
Apr 18, 2020

I rately trust online enquiry due to long delay of response and poor communication system but not with Charmaine. The response was prompt, details were comprehensive, agent was attentive to her calls considering I had to finalize everything from overseas, process was very quick and she was very knowledgeable of whatever I ask be it on the car specs up to finalization of the car model to purchase. Overall very professional nevertheless shall ask this Madam to take care of our future requirements

Anonymous, Nissan Almera 1.2 Base MT
Jul 01, 2019

Thank you Charmaine Dayanan for the great accomodation and for assisting us upon purchasing the nissan navara calibre mt 4x2... excellent agent.... thanks!

Jo Ann Congson, Nissan Navara 2.5 Calibre MT 4x2
Mar 16, 2019


Charity Ursales, Nissan Juke 1.6 Upper CVT
Feb 01, 2019

very quick response. good sales rapport.knowledgable. easy to approach.know how to deal with her customer.

Lezil Viado, Nissan Navara 2.5 EL Calibre MT 4x2
Oct 22, 2018

Excellent service. Thank you very much Ms. Charmaine

Robert Leonard Dela Paz, Nissan Navara 2.5 EL Calibre Sport Edition AT 4x2
Aug 29, 2018

Bobby Lauriaga, Nissan Navara 2.5 EL Calibre Sport Edition MT 4x2
Jul 21, 2018

Awesome Job! Great Service..

Anonymous, Nissan Almera 1.5 E AT
Jun 01, 2018