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Official Sales Agent for Toyota Makati
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Responds quickly with all queries and advises most favorable deals. Up until release he is very accomodating, kudos and kee it up, Sir.

Rodel Galang, Toyota Hilux Conquest 2.4 DSL 4x2 AT
May 02, 2023

Sir John Paul was extremely helpful. I never thought my application could be processed that quick! He took care of everything. I only needed to send him via email all my requirements and all I did was just wait. He would update me from time to time about the status of my application and accommodated all my requests. He made sure that the rates that I get are competitive enough and well within my budget. I never thought buying a car through autoloan could be this fast. Contact Sir John Paul if you’d like the best service and quick outcome.

Nic Guinto, Toyota Raize 1.2 G CVT
Sep 18, 2022