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6 Reviews

Very accomodating and always up to date in service and information to customer

Chuck Ebalo, Honda Brio 1.2 RS Black Top CVT
Jul 29, 2023

Highly suggested sales agent πŸ’ͺπŸ‘Œ

Anonymous, Honda City 1.5 RS CVT
Mar 31, 2022

Best and excellent deal with her, thank you

Anonymous, Honda Brio 1.2 V CVT
Jan 25, 2022

Accommodating, friendly and professional

Jay Mata, Honda Brio 1.2 V CVT
Jan 14, 2022

I would like to commend Miss Marvilyn Cortez for her excellent service in getting me a great deal, enabling me to own my very first car. She was prompt, considerate, thorough, and literally went the extra mile to process my documents. All throughout, she made sure all my concerns were resolved especially with regards to my preferred type of financing. Thank you Miss Love and Honda Cars Shaw ☺️

Anonymous, Honda City 1.5 S CVT
Nov 13, 2021

She is informative, patient and accomodating.

Anonymous, Honda City 1.5 S CVT
Oct 18, 2021