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Official Sales Agent for Suzuki Auto E. Rodriguez
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Melanie was very attentive, prompt, and helpful in facilitating the purchase, particularly in making sure we secured the Jimny in the color I wanted with minimal waiting time. It was a breeze to coordinate with her via email and Viber.

I did have some complaints about the buying process. Being given a unit with the expensive additional tail lights from the factory without my consent but being forced to go with it or else wait indefinitely for the unit in the color I wanted, first of all. Then during the releasing day I took a total of almost four hours due to the signatory of the gate pass being away. However, to be fair, these were mostly out of her control and I understand it was a rush to have the unit ready so quickly in the first place. I felt Melanie did her best to make the process better despite the snags. Overall I would recommend Melanie!

Anonymous, Suzuki Jimny GLX AT (Monotone)
Jul 07, 2021