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It was just a regular day at the office when I finally got decided to purchase a new car, so I hurriedly searched the net for references and ended up seeing autodeal as a potentially bona fide and an easy to use website for purchasing a unit from a Toyota near me, so I inquired and immediately received an email from autodeal within the few minutes I sent my inquiry, feeling excited already, I received a follow up call from the agent that quoted my inquiry, my agent was down right professional yet remained a very friendly vibe, he got all my requirements from the first day of call and processed my application, the next day my purchase was already approved so I got up with my color of choice and reserved for the unit, he conducted an orientation regarding my release, my agent even opted different downpayments and rates promo from my other pending approvals, their corresponding forms of payment and also arranged the schedule of my release which made my purchase a breeze of ease. Thank you so much to the Autodeal Team and Miguel Angelo Salvador from Toyota Santa Rosa Laguna Inc, will definitely recommend to colleagues and friends!

Karla Dyan Ariola, Toyota Wigo 1.0 G AT
Jul 16, 2019