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4 Reviews

We couldn't be more happier with our decision going with Nissan and working with Neil! It was such a breeze dealing with him. No bulls#$%, no runarounds & no excuses! He knows his stuff really well and super maalaga sa client to the point wherein even on weekends he still sends update.

So if ever you're looking for a unit from Nissan, HE IS YOUR MAIN MAN!

Thank you so much Neil for making this experience a remarkable one and more sales to come!!

Anonymous, Nissan Navara 2.5 VE Calibre AT 4x2
Sep 01, 2023

We started to look for our vehicle through Autodeal and contacted multiple dealership. Received various messages and one that stood out of them is Mr. Neil Corvite.

This man knows his sales craft very well. Very approachable, friendly and best of all professional to talk to. No sugar coating, no hard selling just straight forward negotiations. With us being a very meticulous buyer (and asks a lot of questions), he patiently answers my inquiries and explains each in detail. He carefully planned for us on how to proceed with our vehicle purchase and gladly followed his suggestions.

What Mr. Corvite showed to us is that car buying process should not be stressful and an enjoyable experience. He definitely raised the bar of excellent customer service and we regard him as the best sales agent we have encountered.

Paul B, Nissan Terra 2.5 VL AT 4x2 Aspen Pearl White
Aug 30, 2023

Mr. Corvite has served his work with the highest sense of dedication and commitment making us more assured to come up with the right choice and decision. His technical know-how is commendable and his customer relation is superb. May he sustain his outstanding performance especially in the conduct of PMS for our newly acquired Nissan Terra Sport. More power and Godspeed mr. Corvite!

Leo Rio, Nissan Terra 2.5 Sport AT 4x2
Jul 30, 2023

Super bait at maasikaso.

Anonymous, Nissan Kicks e-POWER VE AT (Pearl White)
Apr 26, 2023