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11 Reviews

Teejay was helpful all throughout the purchasing process and was very easy to work with. She was highly responsive to my questions even though much of the discussions were done via text/call. She provided all the necessary information and was proactive in discussing important details. The process was fast and painless.

Marc Angelo Rojas, Honda CR-V 1.6 S Diesel AT
Oct 13, 2020

Teejay was very polite and easy to deal with. Had no problems with communications, and willing to extend some assistance with regards to other related matters. Highly recommended.

Anonymous, Honda Civic 1.8 E CVT
Sep 18, 2020

Teejay was very accommodating from unit inquiry upto car releasing. We managed to get the unit in just 6 days of processing. She was also very honest with the deal and helped us get the best value for our budget. In these trying times of pandemic, nothing is better than quick turnaround and integrity, keep it up!

Oyo Noprada, Honda Brio 1.2 RS Black Top CVT
Sep 18, 2020

Emer Tan, Honda Jazz 1.5 RS Navi CVT
Jan 23, 2020

My wife and I purchased BR-V from Teejay. She helped us get what we were looking for - a great deal. I would recommend her to people I know for sure.

Teejay is superb!

Anonymous, Honda BR-V 1.5 S CVT
Jan 02, 2020

Accommodating, responsive and helpful.

Jimmy See, Honda City 1.5 VX NAVI CVT
Dec 12, 2019

Anonymous, Honda City 1.5 VX NAVI CVT
Nov 14, 2019

Arnulfo Jr Agustino, Honda Civic 1.5 RS Turbo CVT
Jul 29, 2019

I had a good experience dealing with Teejay.

She is easy to deal with and does not judge the person by the way they look. I can tell because I only wear t-shirt, short and slippers when I went to the showroom, and I could feel that she is honest about the deal.

George Nuñez, Honda CR-V 1.6 V Diesel AT
May 29, 2019

Teejay is very accommodating and helpful. She’s always ready to help. Thanks Teejay! :)

Anonymous, Honda BR-V 1.5 V CVT
Mar 29, 2019