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The 2022 AutoDeal Awards recognizes top agents, dealers, models, and brands for excellent service

The 2022 AutoDeal Awards recognizes top agents, dealers, models, and brands for excellent service

The results are in once again. The 2022 AutoDeal Awards recognize the best and the brightest in the industry. A year ago, we celebrated the same things, brands that have put in the work to deliver top-notch performance and customer service. 

After a fruitful year of sales, we finally have the results and the winners of 2022’s AutoDeal Awards. Per category, there will be first-, second-, and third-place winners. Prizes and a special trophy will be awarded by Caco Tirona himself, and did we mention prizes? More on that later. 

Dealer of the Year

Kicking things off, we have the Dealer of the Year award. Suzuki Auto Tarlac, Suzuki Auto Lipa, and Mitsubishi Motors, Global City are our top three best dealers this year. Our basis for this award was the conversion rate, which is the metric that we use to indicate the lead-to-sale conversion, so from inquiry down to marking as sold. 

  1. Suzuki Auto, Tarlac - sold 56 cars through AutoDeal last year with a conversion rate of 11.34%
  2. Suzuki Auto Lipa - sold 33 cars with an 11.04% conversion rate.
  3. Mitsubishi Motors, Global City - sold 131 cars with a 10.01% conversion rate.
2022 AutoDeal Awards Dealer Of The Year

Suzuki Auto Tarlac took home the gold and only prize selling 56 cars and achieving a conversion rate of 11.34 percent. Suzuki Auto Lipa is not too far behind with 11.04 percent, and Mitsubishi Global City converted 10.01 percent. 

Agent of the Year

One of the hottest and most coveted awards in our stable, the Agent of the year award takes a few things into consideration like the agent’s conversion rate, with a special mention for their total number of units sold. All agents mentioned here will be entitled to a cash prize that accompanies their award, with a P50,000 cash prize for the first-place winner, P20,000 for the runner-up, and P10,000 for the second runner-up. 

2022 AutoDeal Awards Top Selling Agent

Before we head into the announcement, however, let’s give a little shoutout to the agent that was able to sell the most number of cars on her own, Ms. Chiradee Bautista, the top-selling agent last year who works in Toyota Manila Bay. She was able to sell a stunning 66 units last year, an impressive feat that wasn’t matched by any of the winners. However, we are looking at the whole picture here and not just volume. When it comes to making the most out of every consumer interaction, these three agents showcased an impressive run. 

  1. Jodi Cruz - Mitsubishi Global City - sold 47 units last year on AutoDeal with a conversion of 17.34%
  2. Marianne Dela Vega - Suzuki Auto Lipa (Previous winner of 2020 Awards) - sold 14 units with a conversion of 17.14%
  3. Jhayne Narvasa - Mitsubishi Global City (Previous runner-up) - sold 50 units with a conversion rate of 12.63%
2022 AutoDeal Awards Agent of the Year

Jodi Cruz is our sales agent of the year. Hailing from Mitsubishi Global City, she sold 47 units last year, successfully converting 17.34 percent of her leads into sales. Second is Marianne Dela Vega of Suzuki Auto Lipa. She is actually a returning winner from the 2020 AutoDeal awards. With us, Marianne was able to sell 14 units with a conversion rate of 17.14 percent. Finally, we have Jhayne Narvasa of Mitsubishi Global City (again!). She was last year’s runner-up, but this year she managed to clinch third place with 50 units sold and a conversion rate of 12.63 percent.

Online Customer Service Award

The online customer service award is given to the brand that we see has been the most forward and helpful when it comes to online help and presence on the platform. This award means that we see that a brand is extremely responsive and fast to act whenever there is a customer inquiry. 

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation

2022 AutoDeal Awards Online Customer Service Award

Based on the awards that we announced earlier, we’re not surprised that Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation was able to win the award. With consistent performance in all categories so far, it’s unsurprising how the company was able to clinch the top spot from other well-established brands. 

Consumer Choice Award

2022 AutoDeal Awards Consumer Choice Award

One of the most used questions across many industries is, “what is your best seller,” and today, we have an answer to that. That’s what the Consumer Choice Award stands for, determined by the vehicle’s review score from experts and owners which includes categories that cover fuel economy, driving performance, comfort, style and looks, interior features, interior space, as well as overall value for money. However, owning a car isn’t about just the car itself. The aftersales experience is also taken into consideration and this segment includes the ease of obtaining service appointments, convenience of servicing location, cleanliness of the service center, quality of work by the technicians, the timely completion of the work, and the transparency of the cost of service. 

As such, the winner of 2022’s consumer choice award is… 

The Mitsubishi Xpander

The Xpander went under the knife last year, and it launched much to the delight of many excited buyers. The facelift was well-received, improving on the looks of the previous generation Xpander. Mitsubishi also kept consistent with its aftersales service and scored high points with its clients. Performing in and out of the showroom, it handily wins this award. 

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