2021 AutoDeal Awards
Celebrating Online Sales & Customer Service

AutoDeal Awards

The AutoDeal Awards program was created to provide recognition to outstanding customer service in the Philippine automotive industry.

What makes the AutoDeal Awards program especially unique and exciting is that the results are driven purely by online customer data - to find who excelled in converting online sales and provided the very best digital customer service experience through the AutoDeal marketplace. Data for the awards culminates from more than 2,000 participating sales agents and more than 450 partner dealerships with accounts on the Philippines no.1. automotive marketplace.

The awarding process scores sales teams on how well they interact with customers and how efficient they are at closing sales. Metrics like inquiry response time, lead to sales conversion and feedback from thousands of confirmed buyers are tracked through the AutoDeal system and used to determine the winners of the AutoDeal Awards in three (3) major categories: The Sales Agent of the Year, The Dealer of the Year, and the Online Customer Service Award - which is awarded to the automotive brand with the best overall performance.

Confirmed vehicle sales in 2019
Participating Sales Agents
Participating Dealerships

Awards & Judging Criteria

  • Sales Agent of the Year

    Open to all 2,000+ agents on the AutoDeal platform, the award presented to the Sales Agent who demonstrates impeccable attentiveness and ability in converting online sales. Criteria is based on Reply Speed (25%), Sales Conversion (50%), and Customer Feedback (25%) performance over the last 12 months.

  • Dealer of the Year

    Recognizes dealerships with the best aggregated Reply Speed (25%), Sales Conversion (50%), and Customer Feedback (25%), based on the aggregated performance of its entire digital sales team on the AutoDeal platform. Only one (1) from the over 300+ partner dealers nationwide is selected.

  • Customer Service Award

    Reserved for OEMs and Distributors, the highest award is given to the best overall performing brand on AutoDeal for the entire year. Award is meant to recognize brands as a whole, on their dealers' and agents' cumulative performance on the AutoDeal platform.

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