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The best of both worlds can be found in a crossover. This bodystyle has the refinement and monocoque chassis of a sedan, mixed with the ground clearance and design elements of an SUV. Often mistaken for an SUV, this classification shares the same two-box design, which include a hood with a roof that extends all the way to the back. Depending on the size, a crossover can seat up to seven passengers or maximize cargo space, making it a versatile vehicle for almost any purpose.

Utilizing the unibody construction that sedans are known for, crossovers offers rigidity and ride comfort which translates to more composed handling characteristics and better ride quality overall. The engine bay and cabin area are the only two boxes, since the cargo area is one with the cabin space, allowing for easy access and seating modularity. The rear door opens wide and allows for easy loading and unloading for items. Crossovers are for those who want a reasonably practical car with more refinement. This body style excels in a multitude of areas, as long as the roads aren’t made of gravel, and the terrain isn’t too unpassable.

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