How AutoDeal Works

AutoDeal is an online car marketplace that allows car buyers to compare vehicles, search through the latest car promos and connect with official car dealerships across the Philippines. The goal of AutoDeal is to empower customers by providing them with the means to find the best-value propositions before stepping foot in the showroom.

Benefits For Car Buyers

Research Your Next Car

Autodeal provides car-buyers with a variety of research tools. Users can search and compare the technical specifications and prices of any vehicle in the country, allowing users to be better orientated on the numerous vehicle options in the Philippines

Promos and Financing

Our promos section helps identify timely updates in the latest vehicle promotions and financing rates from dealerships nationwide. Through this information, car buyers can be better orientated about what they’re going to pay ahead of making a showroom visit.

A Safer Buying Process

AutoDeal manages official promos from the manufacturers and dealerships to ensure content is accurate and up-to-date. Through this process we’re able to connect the buyer and dealership and reduce showroom haggling by empowering buyers with quotations ahead of entering the showroom.

Customer Support

Communication with dealers can sometimes be difficult. Rest assured, the AutoDeal team is constantly making efforts to help car buyers get timely responses from dealers through communication technology and from our friendly customer support staff who aim to assist customers in getting responses to their queries within 48 hours.

What Do Car Buyers Say About AutoDeal?

Its my first time to purchase a car and I find it hard to visit showrooms because of my busy work schedule. I discovered Autodeal on my mobile phone while on my way to work.

Autodeal is super informative it has every important detail to help you decide on which car to get. I received calls from several dealers offering the most affordable packages. I got my dream car 6 days after sending an inquiry. Informative. Fast. Effecient.

James Owen Rupita
Bought a Honda Brio S AT
March 07, 2015

Guided Search

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