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What is CTPL

Compulsory Third Party Liability, commonly known as CTPL, is a government mandated and required by law before registering your vehicle with the Land Transportation Office (LTO). CTPL provides financial protection to a third party's medical fees if you were to get into an accident with another person. CTPL however does not cover you or passengers for any financial assistance you may need for medical fees and does not cover any vehicle repair costs.

The majority of vehicle owners will purchase comprehensive insurance on top of their CTPL policy to cover passengers and the vehicle itself. You can get instant quotes from multiple insurance providers and purchase online through AutoDeal's comprehensive insurance tool.

What are the requirements for CTPL?

You need to provide the usual personal and vehicle details along with 4 specific documents;

  • Official receipt (OR)
  • Certificate of registration (CR)
  • Drivers license
  • Other government ID

How much does CTPL cost?

The cost varies depending on what your vehicle is, below is a summary;

Vehicle Classification Total Premium
Private Cars (including jeeps, and Utility Vehicles) P 610.40
Light/Medium Trucks (Own Goods) Not Over 3,930 kgs. P 660.40
Heavy Trucks (Own Goods) and Private Buses over 3,930 kgs. P 1,250.39
Motorcycles / Tricycles / Trailers P 300.40

What coverage do you get with CTPL?

Your CTPL policy protects third party victims of up to P100,000 in the event of a vehicle accident, which primarily goes towards the support of medical fees or a full payout incase of death.

What other car insurance products should you consider?

You really should consider financially protecting yourself, passengers and vehicle from accidents, which can be done through purchasing additional insurance products through a comprehensive car package. These packages can be configured to match your needs and budget.

Some key insurance products to consider are;

  • Property Damage Protection- If you get into an accident and you are responsible, then your insurance policy will financially protect you if you have property damage coverage. Specifically this will cover other people’s car repairs, property damage and other non-human damages. If a case was filed against you, then legal fees would also be covered.
  • Bodily Injury Coverage- This part of your insurance coverage will protect you financially if you hit another person when driving your car. Specifically this will cover medical and hospitalization fees of the other person injured, as well as lost wages, emotional distress damages and any legal fees that may occur.
  • Personal Injury coverage / Auto personal accident- This is for the financial protection of passengers in your car and yourself. Personal injury coverage will financially assist in medical and hospitalization fees for treatment that may be needed.
  • Comprehensive Coverage- Most of the time it won't be your fault, and is beyond your control. Comprehensive coverage will financially protect you against malicious damage, theft, vandalism, fire, riots and other non-natural events that can damage your vehicle.
  • Acts of God Coverage- Also known as ‘Acts of Nature’ is an available option to add to your insurance, which financially covers you if car damage occurs due to flooding, typhoons, earthquakes and other such natural disasters. As the Philippines is prone to natural disasters, this option is usually a sound investment to add to your car insurance policy.

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Comprehensive Insurance vs CTPL Insurance

Coverage Compulsory Third Party Liability Voluntary Third Party Liability Comprehensive without AON Comprehensive with AON
CTPL Optional Optional Optional
Excess Liability: Bodily Injury
Excess Liability: Property Damage
Passenger Personal Accident
Own Damage/loss
Strikes, riots, civil commotion
Acts of Nature
Roadside Assistance
Towing Service
Ambulance Service
Fuel Delivery
Tire Replacement
Battery Jumpstart
Legal Assistance
24/7 Customer care
Loss of use - Temporary use of vehicle

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