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We Sell More Cars Than Any Other Website

At AutoDeal, we sell more cars than anyone else.

Every month, we assist thousands of car-buyers to compare vehicles, find deals and connect with hundreds of car dealerships from across the Philippines.

Founded in 2014, AutoDeal enables car-buyers to simultaneously request multiple quotations from brand new and used car dealers. These requests are managed seamlessly with our dealership lead-management technology, enabling smooth and hassle-free transactions with accredited agents from AutoDeal Partner Dealers throughout the country.

With a wide-variety of automotive content on hand and multiple ways to transact with dealers, AutoDeal continues to find new ways to deliver on the promise of "Car Buying, Simplified."

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The Team

Daniel Daniel
Daniel Scott

Daniel has worked in the Philippines since 2008 and is undertaking his second startup. He focuses on business and product development and has a somewhat uncontrollable addiction to buying domain names.

Christopher Christopher
Christopher Franks

Frankie is a digital marketing professional, coffee addict, and aspiring amateur writer. Aside from heading up corporate communication, sales, and marketing for AutoDeal.com.ph, he also sits on the board of a non-profit in Leyte.

Reynaldo Reynaldo
Reynaldo Castellano III

Reynaldo is a seasoned technical director with a decade of web development experience under his belt. He oversees all technical decisions that are made with the ongoing design and development of AutoDeal.com.ph.

Yan Yan
Yan Barreta
Senior Developer

Yan codes for a living and often pulls all-nighters making sites functional. She prefers Coffee Bean over Starbucks. Mac over PC and House Stark over House Lannister. She’s responsible for making sure AutoDeal works properly.

Nick Nick
Nick Aguilos
Senior Designer

Nick is a designer. He tries his best to simplify complex applications. He likes observing the small things that are part of a bigger whole. He’s responsible for interpreting business ideas into things that users understand.

Danica Danica

Danica Benson

Office Manager

Dhan is a hard-working young mom whose passion for excellence transcends from her vast expertise and knowledge in computer, web and admin works, to actual results that equate to success in business.

Annie Annie

Annie Santos

Business Development Lead

The resident vendor at AutoDeal, Annie has been a purveyor of various products for the past 11 years. Her eyes twinkle at the sight of signed contracts and gets giddy when called for project briefings. When not peddling, you’ll find her either flooring the gas pedal at a karting track, riding motorboat wakes on a lake or at home cooking with a newly discovered, hard-to-pronounce seed or grain.

Sha Sha

Sha Rodriguez

Advertising Specialist

Sha's 3 years in the background checking industry gave her a keen eye for detail, which she is currently utilizing as an advertising specialist for AutoDeal. She loves to talk about anything under the sun, eager to learn new things everyday. On her spare time, she enjoys reading mystery-thriller novels while listening to The Script and UDD.

Christopher Christopher

Christopher Kho

Service Delivery Manager

With a decade of experience in the motoring industry, Chris is our in-house expert for anything on four wheels. In his time, Chris has written for multiple motoring publications before joining AutoDeal.

Valerie Joy Valerie Joy

Valerie Joy Deveza

Digital Marketing Head

Val is our digital marketing go-to person. She’s a self confessed stats-addict and an influential local authority on social media marketing. She survives solely on sugar and caffeine, and is most likely behind the reason you ended up on our website.

Blas Blas

Blas Mendiola

Web Developer

Blas is one of our many talented programmers. He has more than 3 years of teaching experience and application development. But on his free time, he loves listening to alternative rock music and playing DOTA.

Ricky Ricky

Ricky Rimbao

Web Developer

Ricky is a great web developer with several years of experience in the industry mastering his skills. But he likes people to think of him as a regular guy who likes to be creative, loves to help others, and tries his best to enjoy the journey.

Floricel Floricel

Floricel Colibao

Web Developer

Floricel works from our satellite office in Cebu as a web-developer. As a coder, she does many things that normal people will never understand. She is an integral part of the tech team. She does not play DOTA.

Noel Noel

Noel Bacarisas

Web Developer

Noel is another team member located in the queen city of the south. As a web developer he is responsible for developing the technology that keeps AutoDeal.com.ph one step ahead of the competition. He also kicks Reynaldo's butt at DOTA.

Yra Carmela Yra Carmela

Yra Carmela Galvez

Android Developer

Yra is AutoDeal’s Android OS developer. She’s bookish and introverted. She loves to read, play RPG games, or watch TV series during her free time. The ability to create something out of nothing is what made her passionate about programming.

Rollielyn Rollielyn

Rollielyn Rocero

Project Manager

Olen is a Computer Engineering graduate and an artist at heart. Aside from being AutoDeal's Project Manager, she enjoys cooking and taking photos during her spare time. Olen captures reality as she sees it, through her paintings and photographs.

Michael John Michael John

Michael John Damo

Quality Assurance Engineer

Jay is part of the technical team. He loves to study and learn new things. If he can't get it right, he wont stop until he finds a way. Aside from that, Jay likes to play DOTA 2 in his free time.

Alliah Alliah

Alliah Benederio

UI Designer

Alliah is the newest addition to our design team. Aside from harnessing her UI Design skills, she enjoys photography, swimming, MMA, reading and caffeine.

Kaye Kaye

Kaye Casalla

UI Designer

Kaye is part of design team and describes herself as the shy and quiet type, which some mistake as being "mataray." But she's not and is actually quite friendly. When she's not busy behind the monitor, you'll find her cooking up new recipes in the kitchen.

Zarah Zarah

Zarah Royo

Support Team Lead

Zarah heads up client-support for us. She’s responsible for following up and helping users to get the best value and the best possible price on their next vehicle. She’s hard-working, always on hand and never without a smile.

Audree France Audree France

Audree France Ko

Client Account Representative

Audree is part of the customer support team and describes herself as bubbly. She has a reserved personality but once you get to know her, she'll share her life stories with you. When she's not busy with work or travelling, she plays volleyball and badminton with her friends.

Ivy Ivy

Ivy Falla

Customer Support Executive

Ivy is one of the people in charge of assisting our users in their journey to buying a car with AutoDeal. In her spare time, she loves to play computer games and watch movies with her family.

John Paul John Paul

John Paul Eusebio

Customer Support Executive

Paul carries out customer service tasks to aid users who inquire and connect them to our trusted dealers. In his leisure time, he plays role-playing games (RPG) and enjoys hanging out with his highschool buddies. He finished Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English at PUP Sta. Mesa.

Graceshel Graceshel

Graceshel Parayaoan

Customer Support Executive

As part of the Customer Support Team, Graceshel helps provide information about the vehicles our customers wants to purchase. Outside of work, she's a jolly person who loves to eat chocolates, watch movies, and hang out with her friends.

Dorothy Dorothy

Dorothy Belleza

Customer Support Executive

Although Dorothy is the silent type of person, she is responsible on introducing what AutoDeal is to our customers. She's also quick to answer any of their questions and guide them on their journey of buying a new car. She loves to play chess and scrabble, eat spicy food, and watch horror and fairytale themed movies.

Rose Ann Rose Ann

Rose Ann Macabante

Customer Support Executive

Rose Ann is AutoDeal's new Customer Support Executive. She'll be the person in charge of assisting our customers who inquire on our Used Cars Listing. On her free time, she loves to play games on her phone or watch The Walking Dead.

Genn-Ger Genn-Ger

Genn-Ger Guitering

Customer Support Executive

Genn graduated from Rizal Technological University with the degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Mathematics and part of AutoDeal's Customer Support. On her spare time, she loves teaching kids, watching movies, and cooking some dishes.

Sherry Sherry

Sherry Tenorio

Content Manager

A self-confessed magazine junkie, Sherry’s passion for words moved her to trade a banking career for a shot at the publishing world. Her ten-year stint in lifestyle journalism ushered her into Dubai’s glam side. Now back in the Philippines, Sherry is the go-to girl for all things content at AutoDeal.

Jacob Jacob

Jacob Oliva

Content Editor

Jacob is a poet, a singer/musician, and an enthusiast of anything with wheels. He has a passion about cars and writing, which sprung from his ability to create music and poetry. A bit of a stretch, yes, but it plays out for him as AutoDeal's Content Editor.

Nico Nico

Nico Ylanan

Content Editor

Nico's priorities in the same particular order: Motorcycles, automobiles, and music. A part-time DJ and full time lover of anything on wheels, Nico has spent a few years with automotive publications before joining the Autodeal team.

Yabee Yabee

Yabee Eusebio

Content Writer

Yabee is an avid fan of Formula 1, Formula E, MotoGP, and the WRC. He first turned his passion for writing and photography into a profession at Time Attack Manila. Now in AutoDeal, he further looks to find ways to hone his craft.

Daniel Daniel

Daniel Pabustan

Content Writer

Dan is an aspiring novelist who's dreaming about writing his own book someday. He is into peaceful activities like surfing, cycling, and passively sitting at random coffee houses observing passers by while writing poems about life, death, and the mysteries of cosmos.

Allysa Mae Allysa Mae

Allysa Mae Zulueta

Content Writer

She is an AB Communication Graduate from University of the East-Caloocan. Aside from writing poems and essays, she also relieves her stress by watching Korean dramas and taking a walk with her adorable Pomeranian dog.

Jan Patrick Jan Patrick

Jan Patrick Reyes

Multimedia Designer

JP is a Multimedia Arts graduate. He loves the idea of combining flow and structure in his designs and merging the art of expression and intuition. His passion includes photography, environmental graphic design and architectural visualization. He is also an avid basketball and MMA fan.

Jardin Jardin

Jardin Duran

Multimedia Designer

Jardin is a multimedia artist. He can create special effects, animation, or other visual images using film, video, computers, or other electronic tools and media. He doesn't know how tall he is or how much he weighs, because he doesn't want anybody to know his identity. He's like a superhero. Call him Basketball Man.

Caco Caco

Caco Tirona

Video Head

A motoring managing editor at his desk since 2010, Caco joins AD in 2017 to be the voice and face for our unboxings and other video features. Loving the idea of stretching a car's legs out of the city, he also gets excited about going home to his family.

Mark Vincent Mark Vincent

Mark Vincent Villa


Vincent spearheaded AutoDeal's video production and is an aspiring writer who's currently doing research for his first story. He's also the bassist for a small band while drowning himself in prog-metal, Birdy, and Gone Girl.

Carlo Carlo

Carlo Gamino

Video Editor

Carlo is a Communications graduate and currently the Video Editor of AutoDeal. Outside his work, he spends most of his time going out and looking which shoe to buy next.

Jheyan Jheyan

Jheyan Duanan


Jheyan is AutoDeal's Account Manager. She's in charge of presenting our awesome producs, keeping tabs on our clients, and closing prospective client deals. When she's not working, she loves to spend time with her family especially her 2 kids.

Roei Eduard Roei Eduard

Roei Eduard Arminal

Product Training Coordinator

He's responsible for training and monitoring our valued partners. Soft spoken and kind hearted, this guy is our very own office jukebox, everything he sings turn into ballad. Aside from singing, he also loves playing basketball.

Ram Angelo Ram Angelo

Ram Angelo Baylon

Product Training Coordinator

As a Product Trainer, Ram makes sure that all our partners maximize the opportunities at AutoDeal. Outside of work, he's a certified Ultimate Frisbee player.

Ronald Ronald

Ronald Rivero

Pre-owned Team Lead

Ronald is a veteran of the world of online car classifieds in the Philippines. Ron defines the term ‘car nut’ and is powered by a 4-cylinder 16-valve brain that is able to accurately report the technical specifications of any vehicle ever made.

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