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For almost a century, Isuzu has been the world's most trusted brand in providing the most reliable commercial vehicles, as well as being the current generation’s quintessential symbol of diesel engine technology and innovation.

Founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1916, Isuzu began as a shipbuilding company known as the Tokyo Ishikawajima Shipbuilding and Engineering Co. Ltd. They ventured on to making automobiles in partnership with the Tokyo Gas and Electric Industrial Co. Then in 1918, they had a technical cooperation with Wolseley Motors Ltd. to assume rights to produce and sell Wolseley cars in East Asia. Many decades and many merger events have passed before they became what they are today, including a merging with DAT Automotive Manufacturing Inc. during the ‘30s, and General Motors in the ‘70s.

The brand’s Philippine ventures began in the ‘50s as one of the nation’s iconic commercial and industrial vehicles provider. Isuzu was then rebranded as the Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) in August 7, 1995. It notched up the Philippine automotive market with the help of a 4-way merger with Mitsubishi Corporation, the Ayala Corporation, and the Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation.

Today, IPC boasts an array of tried and tested vehicles for the Philippine market. Highlighting its premium truck and busses is its trio of available units: the Crosswind AUV, the D-Max Pickup, and the mu-X SUV. All of which are powered by Isuzu’s highly innovative direct injection diesel engine technology.

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