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Looking to buy a cargo-hauling vehicle? Then a pickup truck might just be for you. Its original purpose was just for work. It had few creature comforts and was designed to carry heavy loads. Since its conception in the 1917s with the Model TT it was able to gain popularity through the years due to demand for a vehicle that you can bring to work and for other more mundane activities.

Fast forward to today, modern pickup trucks have evolved to lifestyle vehicles and have been the go-to choice for people who want to carry heavy cargo and go off-roading. A pickup truck is a vehicle that utilizes a body-on-frame design. This enables the cab of the vehicle to be separate from the chassis and from the cargo bay in the back. It uses a three-box design. This means that the engine bay, cabin area, and the bed are all considered as separate compartments. The configuration lets cargo be stowed in the back without it disturbing interior space. Since the bed at the back usually has no roof, it allows for taller objects to be loaded.

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