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Founded by Sir William Lyons and William Walmsley in 1922 as the Swallow Sidecar Company, the Jaguar automobile brand we know today started out as a motorcycle sidecar maker before it ventured in to manufacturing passenger cars. Being motorcycle enthusiasts themselves, Lyons and Walmsley took the dawn of the machine age as their chance for success.

When they started to develop their own breed of passenger cars and sports sedans in 1934-35, they renamed the company as the SS Cars Ltd., with the “SS” which meant “Standard Swallow.” Their first car was the 1935 SS Jaguar, a 2.5L sedan, which saw its success in the automotive industry until before the 2nd World War. After the war, the British automaker underwent another rebranding, finally settling for the Jaguar brand name we know.

Years passed and Jaguar eventually climbed the high pillars of the global automotive industry, producing iconic models such as the XK120, XK140, XK150, and the well-loved E-Type, which was even quoted by the late great Enzo Ferrari as, “The most beautiful car ever made.”

Before becoming one of the world’s most prized automakers today, Jaguar had its share of company mergers between the British Motor Corporation and the British Leyland in the ‘60s, a demerger from the said companies in the ‘80s. There was also a management overhaul with Ford Motor Company from 1989, and finally a full ownership by Tata Motors in 2008.

Under Tata Motors, a new platform was established to create the Jaguar Land Rover Automotive - a British multinational automotive company, aimed to be at the forefront of the research and development for the Jaguar and Land Rover models of the present time.

Here in the Philippines, Jaguar Philippines Inc. is the official importer and distributor of Jaguar and Land Rover models. Also known to many as Jaguar Land Rover Philippines, its HQ resides at 32nd and 4th Crescent Park, West Bonifacio, Global City Taguig.

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