Jaguar and Land Rover contactless touchscreens

Touchscreen infotainment systems are now starting to become the norm nowadays. Even the most affordable vehicles now come with it, simply for the experience of having a leveled up system inside the vehicle. Technologies have been evolving year-by-year, and given the COVID-19 Pandemic, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) claims to have developed contactless touchscreens. By that, the spread of the virus should then be reduced among passengers, which helps them maintain that in-car entertainment in a healthier and safer approach.

Ever wonder how they were able to come up with such innovation? Well, the technology actually uses artificial intelligence and sensors which predicts on what finger will land on the screen without further contact. 

Aside from limiting the spread of bacteria and viruses, this new technology can cut a driver’s touchscreen interaction effort and time by up to 50 percent which is another point for safety, as this helps the driver maintain that needed focus while traversing the road. As per the carmaker, drivers who are currently using today’s touchscreen technology are sometimes required to take their attention away from the road ahead, therefore, the said mechanism could somewhat increase the risk of an accident.

Apart from the application of this technology in the automobile sector, it was further elaborated that it could also be reinforced in other areas as well. As it posts a beneficial factor that is relevant during this ongoing pandemic.

As countries around the world exit lockdown, we notice how many everyday consumer transactions are conducted using touchscreens: railway or cinema tickets, ATMs, airport check-ins and supermarket self-service checkouts, as well as many industrial and manufacturing applications.

We’ve honestly been through a lot, and it’s good to see that the automotive industry is doing its best to formulate seamless technology that can further enhance and protect the livelihood of its consumers.

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