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For a first car, you want something easy to drive. If you’re planning to get a second car, you might want it to be easy to drive as well. It’s really a no-brainer to say that most small cars make a great choice as your first-ever vehicle, but what about other things like ground clearance, practicality, and most importantly, capability? 

Well, Ford has just the answer for you if you’re in the market for a small car that is a perfect fit regardless of if you’re buying it as your first or second car. Mark the Ford EcoSport and put it on your shortlist of considerations because its starting price of just P750,000 makes it a hard deal to pass up. 

Ford EcoSport Steering Wheel Philippines

Let’s face it, first-time drivers might struggle a lot with turning the wheel all the way to the left or right if they’re not used to it. Meanwhile, more experienced drivers might have come from the days of pawis steering. Hassle-free input, Ford’s trademark light steering feel make driving the EcoSport such a breeze. 

Imagine that you’ve finished a long day’s worth of work, finishing your gym session, hauled groceries, or are just plain tired. Regardless of what you did, the last thing that you’d want is to be tasked with turning a heavy steering wheel lock-to-lock to get out of your parking slot. Turning the wheel is effortless, and you can even do it with just your index finger and thumb—that is not the manufacturer-recommended way of turning your wheel, but we’re saying you can.  

Ford EcoSport Rear

Speaking of parking lots, you can fit into a parking space much easier, and you don’t have to look over the hood as much to see if your nose will hit. That’s the main caveat that many big car drivers struggle with. Big dimensions are quite cumbersome to deal with, and managing the large dimensions of an SUV may be a bit too much to handle for a first-time driver. 

However, even if it is small, the EcoSport doesn’t feel small by any means. The ground clearance of the crossover stands at 209 mm, and that gives you a commanding view of the road. On top of this, and to aid your rear visibility, Ford bundles a rear-view camera in with all variants. Unlike other brands where you have to buy the top-of-the-line or the mid-level variant, the EcoSport gets this handy feature even in the entry-level spec making this already-easy-to-drive car even easier to drive. 

Ford EcoSport Philippines Action Shot

You might not have a good time driving if you’re being jostled about to and fro. The EcoSport is unlike an SUV, it’s a crossover with a chassis that will give you ample amounts of comfort on your daily drive. Utilizing a unibody chassis, the crossover does well to soak up bumps and potholes on the road. Even if it is more affordable than most SUVs with similar ground clearance, it has the capability to ease your mind whenever going over a bump or pothole on the road. In short, less-than-perfect roads in the urban jungle will not be a problem. 

Experienced drivers know how roads can get quite bumpy over less-than-stellar roads. The EcoSport offers a good amount of chassis rigidity and behavior that can even rival some higher-end models, and be more comfortable than ladder-frame SUVs. It all boils down to the type of car you buy. For real, if you want ground clearance and a comfortable ride, it’s hard to beat a crossover. 

Ford EcoSport Infotainment

Younger drivers are more likely to be tech-savvy, need navigation apps like Waze, need to play some music while they drive. The EcoSport has an infotainment system just for that. More experienced drivers will appreciate the added benefit of being able to pair your phone, take a call, play some music, on the infotainment unit—keeping hands off the phone and on the wheel. 

We can’t stress how important a good infotainment system is these days. A touch screen is great and the technology has come a long way, but Ford’s system allows the user to get more utility out of the large display. You don’t even have to buy a charging socket for the car anymore. Simply plug the cable that came with your phone into the USB port of the vehicle, and you’re charging.

It’s not enough that you get space for just your family members, but it is also important that you have space that is enough for their needs as well. Whether that space is for luggage, groceries, or for a stroller, the EcoSport will have enough for most of your needs. The cabin is tall enough to accommodate even recreational vehicles like bikes, and there are provisions for a roof rack if you need it. 

That being said, you can fit a lot in the cargo area of the EcoSport. Most crossovers need to give up a bit of cabin space in order to fit the space-saver spare tire underneath the floor of the cargo area. Ford has engineered around this using a very traditional method of storing a spare. We get a now-uncommon method of storage by mounting the spare on the rear door. This allows the EcoSport to still retain its small dimensions but keep a spare on hand if needed. 

Let's face it, money is an object, and buying any car will put a sizeable dent in your wallet. Luckily, the EcoSport isn't that expensive for all that it offers. Starting at just P750,000 for the entry-level trim, the cash price isn't as steep, and Ford also makes it easier for you to drive off the lot with your very own vehicle. If you do choose to pay in cash, the dealer can even throw in a P45,000 cash saving, or a free service package which includes a 5-year service package, a 5-year warranty, and a 5-year roadside assistance service—all are valued at about P100,000 on top of current promotions. 

In fact, if you do need to make the purchase now but don't have P750,000 laying around, don't sweat it because you can get the EcoSport for as low as P7,999 per month with the first 4 months of amortization absolutely free! 


Produced in partnership with Ford Group Philippines, Inc. 

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