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Top 10 cars of 2019 - Behind a Desk

Read on to know why these are Caco’s 10 best cars he's driven in 2019.

The year 2019 is through. We’ve driven countless cars which all performed well, but here are the cars that stood a head above the rest according to Caco. In this episode of Behind a Desk, Caco goes over the 10 best cars he’s reviewed in 2019 in no particular order. 

Here’s a little more information about the cars that our host panders on about.

With the size, height, and tech to make it a worthy contender in the midsize SUV segment, the Nissan Terra shines bright in Caco’s eyes as it is a good-performing, diesel-powered vehicle. The engine in the Terra produces 190 hp and 450 Nm of torque, and it rides on a fully-independent suspension setup, which makes for a plush ride. With all that and more, the Terra earns its place on this list. 

So the “Zed-Es” came as a bit of a surprise to us. At first, we thought that the MG ZS would just be another crossover looking to capture some success in the subcompact crossover segment which was started by established brands. With value pricing and a good load out of features, the ZS was able to capture many consumers looking for a stylish and high-riding car that has adequate space. The car is powered by a 1.5L naturally aspirated motor that produces 114 hp and 150 Nm of torque, which won’t blaze a trail but will get the job done. 

Even if Caco was only able to get the Geely Coolray for a media drive, it still impressed him. Currently the highest-rated vehicle on AutoDeal car reviews, the Geely Coolray has refinement, style, and excitement thanks to its luscious interior, its 1.5L turbocharged engine that produces 177 hp and 255 Nm of torque, and its jaw-dropping price tag. This car can go for less than a million, and that’s a shocker. 

The Ford Expedition is one of the few barges we have had on AutoDeal. Caco got his hands on one and even got to experience the back seat with a bit of help from Facundo. This large SUV has a massive presence on the road, can even outpace other cars with its 3.5L EcoBoost twin-turbo V6 engine which produces 375 hp and 638 Nm of torque. It’s an apartment on wheels, and it goes like heck. 

Usually, a 4-cylinder turbo diesel is enough to bring a midsize sedan up to speed, but BMW put a 6-cylinder mill with 258 hp and 560 Nm of torque, making this one of the most potent diesel motors that Caco has driven. The BMW 530d left such a good impression on him even after just a short period of time with it. He even messaged his wife asking if they could buy one.

She said no, by the way. 

Here is a truck that can make your wife hit you for driving like a hooligan. The Ford Ranger Raptor has a capable diesel engine that produces 210 hp and 500Nm of torque, which can propel you in the air – given the right conditions. With the extreme nature of the Ranger Raptor, it cements itself in this list, and because it was also used for our Mother’s day special. 

Following the rugged Raptor, the SsangYong Musso is an elegant choice. Caco noted that its interior is one of the plushest out there if you’re looking for a pickup truck. The truck has a 2.2L diesel engine with a refined feel and pull that matches the facets found in the cabin. The mill in question produces 179 hp with 420 Nm of torque, making this a capable and well-dressed pickup truck.

Mazda’s best-selling nameplate got a whole lot better in 2019. Everything about the Mazda3 became better after the update. Refinement was key in convincing Caco that this compact model, in either a hatch (or Sportback) or a sedan body style, is one of the best values for money out there, with premium being the hot buzz word that rings true. 

While paying a lot of money for a car is great, Kia figures that Filipinos should get more for their money. The Kia Soluto is the solution to many budget constraints. The model is one of the most well-equipped small sedans out there, and it comes at a price well under P1,000,000. Considering that it also one the winner of our subcompact sedan comparo is another point in its favor. 

There are quite a few things to say about the Honda Accord. It’s quick with its 1.5L engine that produces 187 hp and 260 Nm of torque. It’s spacious for our host with a big personality, and it comes packed to the gills with tech features thanks to the Honda Sensing package. It’s lovingly known as “ang kotse ni sir,” which is a statement that bears some truth.  

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