Pros & Cons

You'll definitely love how the Coolray drives and the amount of power that the engine delivers with every accelerator inputs. If you're into tech toys in a car, the Coolray comes with a lot of it, undercutting even the bigger and pricier crossovers in the Philippines. Lastly, the Coolray's overall build quality is definitely something you'll like, especially when seen up close.

On the other hand, the Coolray's manual downshifting has a bit of a delay, which kind of spoils what could have been a great vehicle to drive. You might not also like the fact that the vehicle doesn't have rear A/C vents, plus its fuel consumption amidst heavy traffic is a bit on the thirsty side.

What You Will Like
  • Spritely turbocharged, three-cylinder engine.
  • Overflowing with tech toys.
  • Great build quality.
What You Won't Like
  • Lazy manual downshifts.
  • No rear A/C vents.
  • Thirsty on fuel amidst heavy traffic.

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