Geely Coolray

Geely Philippines has come under fire, and after a storm of comments, shares, and content on social media detailing the exchange, the brand has decided to speak up in the form of an official statement. 

The exchange started with a Geely Coolray that was experiencing problems with its fueling. The customer brought the car in for repairs, but after a number of attempts, the issue still needs to be resolved. On top of that, the dealer handling the concern purportedly mistreated the car while it was being stored, drawing further ire from the client. 

Due to this, the owner posted a couple of social media posts, causing many Geely owners to click through and discover what happened. According to the affected Coolray owner, the car had an issue, but other problems arose from the exchange due to a lack of parts, a lack of care in storing the unit, and a lack of follow-through from Geely’s service center. 

Car owners or netizens monitoring the issue may be savvy about the details surrounding this issue, but now Geely Philippines has issued their official statement, dated September 1, 2023. 

Geely Philippines Official Statement September 1, 2023

The company states taht there were “lapses in addressing the concerns regarding the handling of the vehicles,” to which the company acknowledges and apologizes in its official statement. As of the statement’s posting, Geely Philippines has announced that it and its client have come to an “amicable solution,” with the details withheld for the sake of respecting privacy. 

Furthermore, the company is extending even more support for its customers, also posting its customer care email on its official statement. 

Finally, Geely expressed its heartfelt gratitude for the continued support from its customers and clients. Geely is reaffirming its promise of service once again, and the brand remains “steadfast in [its] resolve to prevent such occurrences in the future.” 

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