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The Ji Yue brand is Geely’s latest undertaking in its bid to expand further in the realm of electric vehicles (EV). According to Geely, the goal of Ji Yue as a brand is to offer premium intelligent technology that will complement intelligent mobility. Quite an ambitious plan from our point of view.

This recent automotive venture is a collaborative result between Geely and Baidu, a prominent technology company operating in China. In addition to introducing this new sub-brand under Geely's umbrella, the corporation has unveiled initial glimpses of its first upcoming vehicle, aptly named the Ji Yue 01.

Starting with its looks, the Ji Yue 01 has a sleek and aerodynamic design. Its exterior is characterized by seamless integrations of the panels giving the crossover an overall smooth appearance. This flowing body design is accentuated by integrated door handles, LED headlights and taillights, contrasting black body cladding, a roof finished in black paint, and robust fenders finished in what appears to be matte black paint.

Ji Yue Inline 1

As per Ji Yue's announcement, the flagship crossover is said to offer an unparalleled intelligent automotive encounter. The brand even goes on to say that it will redefine the meaning of intelligent mobility. Whatever that means. While the automaker has refrained from disclosing precise details about the Ji Yue 01’s features, the brand has said the crossover EV will be equipped with an array of intelligent driver aids, alongside state-of-the-art infotainment systems and amenities.

Ji Yue 01 Side View

The Ji Yue 01 is scheduled to make its debut in the People's Republic of China in the fourth quarter of this year. The EV crossover will be built on Geely's Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA). This means that the Ji Yue 01 will share the same platform as the quick Volvo EX30 and the agile Lotus Eletre crossover SUVs. Ji Yue has plans to establish and enhance its proprietary charging network, catering to the growing consumer desire for intelligent and smart vehicles. This new crossover will also feature artificial intelligence technologies, including advanced intelligent cabins and autonomous driving developed by Baidu

Ji Yue Inline 3

Before the Ji Yue 01 and the Ji Yue brand were unveiled, the strategic collaboration between Geely and Baidu occurred in January 2021, when the Chinese internet powerhouse disclosed its intentions to establish a joint venture aimed at manufacturing intelligent electric vehicles. Once the Ji Yue 01 officially launches, we should be seeing more EVs come out of the Ji Yue brand in the coming years.


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