Volkswagen Tiny Car

The Volkswagen Group has unveiled its plan to launch affordable electric vehicles, priced around €20,000, (or around P1.3 million) with a world premiere set for 2027. According to VW, This initiative is designed to enhance the accessibility of all-electric entry-level mobility throughout Europe. 

The initiative, named Project TinyCar, will produce a car smaller than the upcoming VW ID.2, which is scheduled for release in 2025. The ID.2 which is priced at €25,000 (approximately P1.6 million) is part of VW’s 'Brand Core Group' an effort to make motoring more affordable. However, Project TinyCar is said to make EVs even more accessible than the ID.2, and that’s because they’re targeting first-time car owners or newly qualified drivers with this car.

"Generations of people associate the strong brands of the Volkswagen Group with their first car – and with affordable mobility. As a group with strong brands, we continue to assume this social responsibility to this day."
Volkswagen ID.2

Meanwhile, Thomas Schäfer, head of the VW brand, stated, “Our brand promise is: electromobility for all. This task has become more demanding due to rising energy, material, and raw material costs.”

So why is Volkswagen shifting gears into affordable electric vehicles? Surely it’s not just because Volkswagen means "people's car", right? According to Top Gear, Operation TinyCar is likely born due to competition from Chinese newcomers like BYD. Adding MG to the mix, we can see the reason why. Chinese EVs are clearly more affordable than their competitors from Europe and even Japan.

To combat this and regain some footing in the EV race, Volkswagen is going to fight back with an affordable car of its own. In addition, the project will be adopting a ‘from Europe, for Europe’ strategy, VW announced that the smaller model will be manufactured in various European locations to reduce both production emissions and costs.

We’ll have to wait for a bit more time before we see an actual image of this tiny car from Volkswagen, but, it does give us hope that more affordable EVs are on their way. 

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