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Autodeal and PayMongo team up to offer car buyers digital, contactless payment solutions

Autodeal and PayMongo team up to offer car buyers digital, contactless payment solutions

The country’s biggest online vehicle platform, AutoDeal, partners with payments processing startup, PayMongo, to allow Filipino car buyers to pay for their cars digitally, without having to leave their homes. This makes the whole process of acquiring a vehicle online easy and straightforward. As the global market and consumers start to recognize the importance of online infrastructure and the ability to shop for goods and services online, the need for contactless payment options becomes a necessity for that added seamlessness and security. 

Six years ago, AutoDeal founders Daniel Scott and Christopher Franks had a vision of disrupting the way Filipinos shop for cars. Coming from tech and digital marketing backgrounds respectively, Scott and Franks established AutoDeal, the Philippines’ first digital automotive e-commerce marketplace. The mission of the fast-growing tech startup is to make car buying significantly convenient by offering all the necessary information to help a customer decide on which vehicle to buy depending on their lifestyle needs and budget, and by connecting the consumers to car dealers without the need to call multiple phone numbers to get a quotation or visit different showrooms to book a test drive. 

Last year alone, over 30,000 vehicles were purchased via its platform, proving that cars can be bought without needing to visit the dealership. As the number of consumers who call for on-demand services continues to grow steadily, AutoDeal aims to offer supplementary digital products designed to facilitate a fully-digital car buying experience that hopefully encompasses all aspects of the car ownership experience from start to finish. 

Buy cars online, pay for them online

Early this month, the ‘Buy Online’ button was launched, thus allowing its customers to purchase a car and pay for the reservation fee directly on its platform. 

We continue in developing tech products to further enhance the experience for our customers. Apart from providing them comprehensive and real-time information to arrive at a decision to choose the car they want to buy, we want them to have the option of buying their dream car with just a few clicks without leaving their homes and paying for it online as well.

To enable this set-up, AutoDeal has partnered with PayMongo, a local financial tech startup that helps businesses and entrepreneurs offer multiple contactless payment gateways to enhance their customer service. It’s the first Filipino FinTech startup accelerated by Silicon Valley seed accelerator, Y Combinator.

PayMongo is thrilled to partner with AutoDeal in digitizing the way Filipinos shop and pay for cars. We see enormous growth potential in automotive digital commerce with AutoDeal at the forefront of this booming industry.

PayMongo allows businesses of any size to build a platform that permits owners and operators to offer various payment options – such as credit and debit cards, e-wallets, and over-the-counter payments – to their customers. 

A win for all, businesses and customers alike

PayMongo X AutoDeal Partnership online payments

The partnership will equip AutoDeal with multiple payment options for its customers to fulfill their transactions online, such as GCash, credit/debit card, and Grab Pay. The arsenal of options empowers the company and its 350 automotive dealer partners in the established digital infrastructure, and transact with clients through trusted secure channels.

Consumers are looking for more ways to satisfy their online purchases, especially in these past few weeks. With our ‘Buy Online innovation and partnership with PayMongo, we don’t only make our customers’ lives easier, but we extend the seamless process to our partner dealers as well, therefore empowering them to better facilitate transactions made on our platform.

In a highly-competitive, digital business environment, providing smooth and ordered processes coupled with excellent customer service is the way to success. With AutoDeal’s modern contactless solutions, convenient approach to car selling and buying, and the new partnership with PayMongo that offers flexible payment methods, the tech company continues to prove its commitment to its slogan, “Car Buying, Simplified.”

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