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As of today, we’re happy to announce that has finalised its official partnership with the Philippines leading man in motoring, James Deakin. We have known James since our first entry into the local automotive scene and ever since then he has acted as both a friend, mentor and an ambassador for our ongoing work at providing new and data-driven technology for the Philippine automotive industry.

James is a multi-awarded motoring journalist who’s been covering the automotive industry for twelve years. He’s driven just about everything, from being behind the wheel of an ambulance on Manila’s busy inner-city roads to putting a Formula One car through its paces on the racetrack. 

Today he has a regular column in the Philippine STAR, writes for Hola! Magazine, Grid Magazine, the Immigrant and Yahoo Philippines. If that wasn’t enough, he also just recently launched his completely revamped website which covers everything from car reviews and industry updates to acts of advocacy and reflections of his inner-monologue. He even coined the term 'Deakinitis' as a definition (or symptom) to explain the somewhat ludicrous situations that he often gets himself into. Did we also mention he's the host of his own motoring TV show on channel 9?

In addition to being a coveted journalist, James is also a huge advocate for change; he has petitioned for a wide number of improvements on Philippine roads, from an appeal for the mandatory installation of speed limiters on public buses all the way to supporting an act for better incentives for electronic and alternative fuelled vehicles. Recently James also led a fundraiser for an infant with a broken heart, an act which gathered a huge media following as James personally chauffeured members of the public and a wide-range of local celebrities around the Metro in a Maserati Quattroporte. If that wasn’t enough he’s participated in events like OPLAN Hatid, which has personally made an impact on the lives of thousands of Filipino’s who were displaced by Typhoon Yolanda back in November 2013. 

For us, the partnership makes perfect sense, balancing the clout, passion and public profile of James with new technology powered by In the upcoming months, we will be introducing several website integration features which will provide additional resources to greatly benefit James’s audience. Some of James’s relevant automotive articles will also be featured in the News section, allowing us to find some cohesion between James’s unbiased balanced journalism and’s data-driven and commercial website model. There's definitely a lot more to come, which will all be divulged at later more appropriate times.

On behalf of the team over at, we’d like to thank James for deciding to take this new road with us. We believe that James’s commitment to the industry and eagerness to bring about positive change will mirror our own company’s goal of improving the car buying cycle and helping to give the highest level of service and support to the Filipino consumer.

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