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AutoDeal Names Sales Agent of the Year

AutoDeal Names Sales Agent of the Year

As part of the 2017 AutoDeal Awards; the one accolade that really got our dealer teams talking about was the Sales Agent of the Year award, which aimed to acknowledge one of thousands of sales agents as having the best combination of response time, sales conversion and customer feedback.

While most of the other corporate awards consist of only acknowledgement and a trophy, the sales agent of the year award carried with it a prize of a round-trip ticket to watch the Singapore night race happening on the weekend of the 15th - 17th September. As you can imagine, the engagement and competition among agents really soared in the months after the announcement was made, until a clear winner was finally chosen.

With this, we're happy to announce that the mantle of the first ever AutoDeal Sales Agent of the Year has been awarded to Ms. Annabelle Ortega from Nissan Isabela (Royce Motors). 

Annabelle who was first assigned as an AutoDeal sales agent in February 2016 ascertained an average conversion rate of 7.19% and demonstrated a proven track record in responding to online inquiries in less than three hours; with many of her monthly averages actually indicating responses made within an hour of a customers initial inquiry. Annabelle also received incredibly positive five (5) star responses from her confirmed buyers and edged ahead from competition of more than 2,000 sales agents across the Philippines.

"The quality of customer service rendered by sales agents is one of, if not the most critical factors in the car-buying process. Likewise it is also incredibly important to the AutoDeal platform as a whole that our partners deliver the very best online service to our users." stated AutoDeal CEO Daniel M.Scott.

"We're proud that teams continue to improve; and this award, together with some of our regular incentive programs are our way of giving back to the sales agents that help us deliver on the promise of Car Buying, Simplified." he added.

On behalf of the entire AutoDeal team we wish to commend both Annabelle and Nissan Isabela alike and look forward to running a similar incentive program in 2018.

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