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AutoDeal partner dealers achieve 300% ROI on average in 2018

AutoDeal partner dealers achieve 300% ROI on average in 2018

Partner car dealers of the Philippines' no. 1 online automotive marketplace had a lot to celebrate in 2018. Based on last year's data, new car dealers on achieved an average return on investment (ROI) of 300% from confirmed net vehicle sales alone. Maximum ROI also extended to as high as 2,500% for some clients, with the most heavily engaged dealers investing in AutoDeal's new range of dealer advertising services to extend and optimize their sales results from the platform.

ROI margins were calculated based on an average estimated net profit per vehicle sold, excluding additional revenue derived from after-sales and servicing.

“We’re incredibly attentive to providing our partners with real-world results and an incredibly cost-efficient sales channel. Continued improvements in our lead management technology have helped our partners realize substantially greater returns in 2018 compared to 2017,” stated AutoDeal Chief Executive Officer, Daniel M. Scott.

Online to Offline Sales Transactions

dealer response time

AutoDeal specializes in helping Philippine car dealers to track real-world sales that originate from digital leads. Its comprehensive lead-management-system (LMS), which features an 'AutoDeal for Agents' mobile application, helps sales teams at car dealers to seamlessly connect with customers online and (most importantly) to track prospects all the way to final sales.

According to a recent testimonial from Ford Global City, AutoDeal’s recently declared Dealer of the Year for 2018, a sales agent enrolled in AutoDeal makes approximately 60-70% of their monthly sales quota from AutoDeal alone. As market conditions toughen, an increased number of dealers are becoming more attentive to using AutoDeal's cost-efficient digital sales service.

What factors help dealers to increase their ROI?

dealer reply speed

According to AutoDeal, dealership response time has one of the greatest impacts on overall sales performance. As a result, AutoDeal’s service allows dealership owners and sales managers to review the response time and sales performance of all of its dealerships, through an interactive and user-friendly series of dashboards. Personnel with lengthy tenures in the platform tend to perform best because they're already well adapted to understanding the expectations of a digital consumer.

Who are the best performing Philippine car dealers?

ford global city

AutoDeal’s top performers were recently recognized during the second annual AutoDeal Awards. The awarding ceremony recognizes both dealerships and sales agents based on key performance metrics like inquiry response time and lead-to-sales conversion.

Achieving the best overall results, were Ford Global City - one of the top-selling Ford dealerships in the country and member of the AutoHub Group of Companies. They were joined by one of their employees Jennifer Asebias, who won the coveted AutoDeal Sales Agent of the Year award.

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