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AutoDeal Releases First Quarter 2016 Industry Insights.

AutoDeal Releases First Quarter 2016 Industry Insights.

Recently, we put AutoDeal’s 2016 first quarter data under the microscope. With more than 1.8 million visitors from January to March 2016, AutoDeal has not only become the go-to-place for new car buyers to connect with their next vehicle, but has become a platform that constantly keeps its finger on the pulse of the Philippine car industry.

By cross-referencing 25,000 transactional data points, we have compiled AutoDeal’s Q1 2016 Industry Insights report, the first of it’s kind to be developed by an automotive e-commerce platform in the Philippines.

In this report, you will find key data related to understanding automotive e-commerce a long with insights related to the preferences and profiles of AutoDeal users. 

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