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AutoDeal renews partnership with Ford Philippines for third consecutive year

AutoDeal renews partnership with Ford Philippines for third consecutive year, the Philippines leading online automotive marketplace, recently firmed up its third consecutive nationwide partnership with Ford Philippines, ushering in continued nationwide coverage of Ford dealerships on the country’s most popular car buying website.

The partnership, which has gone from strength to strength over recent years, will continue to provide increased accessibility for Ford vehicle buyers to connect with dealers across the country using the AutoDeal online car buying platform.

With the first official partnership starting in 2017, AutoDeal has helped thousands of buyers to transact with Ford dealers across its platform, providing benefits such as improved digital communication and ease of access to book test-drives and request financing quotations. Moreover, the partnership also sees an extension of the Ford OFW Assist service – an exclusive partnership between Ford Group Philippines and AutoDeal that was first launched in 2017 and offers a unique online buying facility for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW’s).

Ford has won several accolades in recent years, with Ford Global City winning AutoDeal’s 2018 Dealership of the Year Award in recognition of their excellent commitment and performance in digital automotive commerce.

Ford has been a long-standing partner with AutoDeal in recent years and has shown strong enthusiasm in working towards an improved online experience for its customers,” stated AutoDeal Chief Executive Officer Daniel M. Scott.

Our latest engagement pushes the limits even further in terms of what both parties hope to achieve together.

Car buyers interested in Ford can find a wide range of information about the brand on AutoDeal, including comprehensive specifications and pricing, detailed vehicle comparisons, and monthly financing promos.

Ford is one of several automotive brands in the Philippines that have partnered with AutoDeal in recent years to provide increased accessibility for their dealerships and comprehensive exposure for their brand. The partnership enables brands to easily connect and communicate with pre-screened sales representatives from car-dealers across the country. By leveraging AutoDeal’s unique lead-management technology and AutoDeal for Agents mobile application, buyers can be assured of getting a sales agent ‘on-demand’ with financing quotations and test-drive confirmations being offered in record-fast times.

The customers are seeking information more via digital platform or website, on social media and the like and we will be where the customer is. From that point of view, AutoDeal has been helping us very much to be there where the customers are so we can be present with them and be able to offer that’s easy to understand, easy to approach platform,” said Ford Philippines’ Managing Director Bertrand Lessard.

As we use the famous phrase here in Ford, we want to ‘Go Further’ and that’s basically we want in the next years with AutoDeal because we’re happy the way it is delivered right now.

As these partnerships grow, AutoDeal further aims to continue on its promise of “Car Buying, Simplified."

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