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AutoDeal rolls out Dealership Review Badge Feature

AutoDeal rolls out Dealership Review Badge Feature

Whenever someone looks to buy a car, an important step in that process is doing research and looking for another opinion in order to build confidence before taking steps towards an actual transaction. It is not easier to buy a car with the advent of the internet. There is a wealth of information about cars and dealerships on, and more is on the way with our Dealer Review Badge Feature. 

Good customer service is crucial. Recognition for good customer service is also just as important. Awareness is key, and the Dealer Review Badge will help promote your dealership’s customer service score on your homepage. Each dealer page on AutoDeal may feature customer reviews based on real transactions. The review badge, when clicked, directs your consumer to your dealer’s review page on AutoDeal. Various testimonials and ratings can be viewed by anyone looking to transact with your dealer. A third-party source of information, such as AutoDeal will serve as a credible and impartial guiding voice to the consumer, coupled with the reviews from other fellow car buyers. 

AutoDeal Review Badge Types

There is a selection of badges to pick, depending on the layout of your website. Choose between small badges like the one designed to be on the sidebar, or ones that take up the length of the page. These visual links go directly to the AutoDeal page for your dealer and display relevant dealer reviews to your consumer. See the guide below on how to apply this to your website. 

How to install

Step 1: Select which badge you prefer

Step 2: Install the Code ( Code will be provided through email)


See the highlighted variables in the generated code below. 

1. key = dealer ID 

2. size = can be default, sidebar, or footer

3. theme = can be default, light, dark

Generated code to be embedded in your site

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

<div class="autodeal">

    <section id="autodeal-widget-main-wrapper" class="hidden">

      <div class="ad-content-wrapper">

          <a href="" target="_blank" class="ad-logo">

              <img src="" alt=" logo">





<script src=""></script>

<script>(function(widget){ widget.load(); }(AdDealerWidget));</script

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