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#AutoDealCares: Miles of Smiles

#AutoDealCares: Miles of Smiles

As a part of its fifth year celebration in the industry, the Philippines’ No.1 Automotive Website and Online Automotive Marketplace,, launched its Corporate Social Responsibility called “#AutoDealCares.”

AutoDeal started in January 2014, helping thousands of people find the best price on cars, motorcycles, and a wide range of automotive products and services. It made the act of finding a brand new vehicle more convenient, less stressful, safer, and ultimately more enjoyable.

As it turns five years old this year, AutoDeal does not only give car inquiries to its customers and help alleviate sales concern of car manufacturers, but it also aims to give smiles and give back to its dearest customers and to the community.

We want to cultivate the culture of giving back to our society and we aim to take part as a company to our environment. With this, we’re launching various campaigns for our corporate social responsibility,” said Mr. Christopher Franks, Co-Founder of

Its first-ever project is the “Twinkle, twinkle, Little Star” wherein it has helped in the operation of the kids of Niños PAGASA Center in Zambales who have Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate. A total of 20 kids have been successfully operated last February 2019.

We, the parents and the staff of Niños PAGASA Center, are very grateful to the management and founder of AutoDeal for sponsoring the operation of our 15 children afflicted with cleft lip and palate children. This helps our children to be accepted in our society – no more bullying, no more children going home crying. They can now go to school and have a brighter lives in the future,” said Ms. Araceli Menor, Executive Director of Niños PAGASA Center.

It was truly a delight seeing these angels spark a new hope inside their hearts and the warm smiles they reciprocate. AutoDeal aims to do more CSR programs this year and to help more, not only with humanity but also in terms of the sustainability of its resources.

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