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Behind the Scenes at

Behind the Scenes at

The post (which has since been removed) stirred up an interesting (and somewhat controversial) thread of comments as Facebook users debated the authenticity of the post. Some users claimed that there was no way in hell that any sales agent would pass up a potential sale while others gave a mixed number of explanations as to why a prospective customer could possibly be ignored.

Whether the post was legit or not, the subject matter is indeed quite relevant. If you’re legitimately in the market for a new car, how can you really assure that you're treated like a real person and not just like a number in a marketing report? Especially if you are inquiring through a form on a website, through social media or even over the phone.

The truth is, that up until recently there have been very few web-platforms in the Philippines that cater for lead generation and lead management within the realms of the local automotive industry. This is a shame because as a country, the Philippines has a huge user-base of prospective buyers who are connected to a smartphone, tablet or desktop on a day-to-day basis - many of whom want the ability to connect with a sales agent or dealership ahead of actually making a physical visit to a showroom. Moreover, the experience that a prospective buyer receives over the phone or through e-mail is quintessential to enticing them to a showroom and landing that eventual sale.

it is estimated that 90% of all prospective buyers go online to research and compare vehicles ahead of making a physical trip to a showroom

The nature of online lead generation isn’t an alien concept, in the United States, websites like are massively successful, accounting for one third of all automotive sales in the country. To be precise since November 2013, the website has accounted for more than 1.5 million sales in an industry that up until recently had been in a state of decline. Moreover, it is estimated that 90% of all prospective buyers go online to research and compare vehicles ahead of making a physical trip to a showroom - using websites like, Edmunds and Kelley Blue Book. Likewise there is a plethora of literature that attests that online retailing in the automotive sector helps promote a better understanding of customers, improves efficiency and creates a much more successful customer experience.

Providing this experience for consumers is certainly one of's core goals - and our services don’t end at merely advertising vehicles, financing rates and promotions. Here are just a few things that take place ‘behind the curtain’ at on a day-to-day basis and how we aim to build further value to our clients, consumers and the auto-industry as a whole.

1. We have a love affair for data.

We’re borderline obsessed with data. Our existing clients will attest to the detailed nature of the statistical reports that is able to generate. Whether it’s market penetration stats or campaign success trends, we’re helping brands better understand the wishes of their customers through the provision of tangible data.

2. We have more staff than you imagine.

Our service doesn’t end in the generation of a lead. We have an expanding team of client success representatives that focus purely on helping customers and sales agents connect. We openly invite all our users to contact us if they’re encountering a problem or need advice. Aside from that, we have a team of creative digital marketers who are focussing their time on attracting an increased number of prospective buyers to our website and hands-down one of the best tech-teams in the business who are constantly releasing new features to benefit both consumers and our clients.

3. We’re investing in tomorrow. is constantly developing new features as a means to invest in the future, to promote growth in the industry and to better serve the average Filipino consumer. Institutes like CAMPI have recently recorded record-high sales figures for the last quarter - can you imagine what increased efficiency with digital lead management could bring?

In a nutshell’s mission is to address these concerns and make car buying simple, fair and hassle free. We're not media, we're not a classifieds, we're a platform that is here to help guide Filipino consumers into the drivers seat of their next vehicle, and the first step in achieving that is to improve communication between buyers and sales agents.

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