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Everything you need to know about Featured Listings, Bumps, Hot Deals & Showcase.

Everything you need to know about Featured Listings, Bumps, Hot Deals & Showcase.

What are Featured Listings?

Featured Listings are the first tier of Special Listings available to Used Car Dealers and Private Sellers on AutoDeal. Unlike Free and Standard Listings, Featured Listings gain special preference in search results so that they become more visible to potential buyers. As a result of higher ranking, sellers will be more likely to receive increased volume of offers from potential buyers.

In addition to increased rankings, Featured Listings may be further upgraded to Hot Deals and Showcase Listings as a means of obtaining even more exposure on our marketplace. 

Featured Listings also have the ability to be “bumped” by advertizers to the top of search results using our special ‘Bump’ option. Our Bump option, enables sellers to promote their listing back to the top of search results for a limited time.

Private sellers may also avail the Featured Listing by selecting or upgrading their Standard Listing to a Premium Listing.

What’s a Bump?

A ‘Bump’ is a low-cost advertising add-on that enables Dealers and Private Sellers to promote (or “bump”) their Featured Listing to the top of search results. A Featured Listing can be bumped as many times as a seller wants, each time sending the listing back to the top of search results. After being bumped, the listing will slowly fall down the search results as more featured listings are posted to AutoDeal or when other sellers similarly bump their listings above it.

Bumps are available at the rate of P50 per bump and can be purchased by loading credit to your AutoDeal Account through our online payment gateways or by contacting one of our Account Specialists.

Bumps can be applied instantaneously or at a pre-selected time of day.

What's a Hot Deal?

A Hot Deal is a special listing that is used to highlight a special or discounted price. Any Featured Listing can be upgraded to a Hot Deal provided that the advertized price of the vehicle is reduced by a minimum of 2.5%.

Hot Deals not only gain increased ranking, but also appear in our special Hot Deals Section, they also receive a free bump everyday for seven (7) days.

A Hot Deal upgrade lasts for one (1) week and is a perfect way to gain special attention for your vehicle.

What’s a Showcase?

A Showcase is the Rolls-Royce of all listings and as such is the best way to gain maximum exposure for your vehicle.A Showcase appears at the top of all relevant make and model search results for seven (7) days and features much larger product images than other listing types. Thanks to the increased impact of the listing, sellers can expect huge increases in views and inquiries for their vehicle, helping to massively reduce the time in which it takes to sell.

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