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Get ready for the 2021 AutoDeal Awards

Get ready for the 2021 AutoDeal Awards

It's that time of year again as we prepare for our Autodeal Awards for 2021. Here we showcase the car companies that have given out the best customer service, the sales agents that have done their part to best serve their clients, and the vehicle that has stood out from the rest to make its way to the top.

With that said, there are four awards to look out for, these are the Autodeal Online Consumer Service Award, the Autodeal Sales Agent of the Year Award, the Autodeal Dealership of the Year Award, and finally the Consumer Choice Award. 

While we won’t be revealing to you just yet who the winners are, we will give you a quick breakdown of the categories so you will know how they are scored.

Autodeal Online Customer Service Award

Starting with the customer service award. As the name suggests we measure each brand on their customer service satisfaction. This is an award to recognize a brand’s commitment to online commerce. 

We grade a brand by measuring it against several key factors. This boils down to the automaker’s lead conversion rate, how well they can convert leads to actual unit sales and how well they can accommodate the needs of their customers online.

Second, we grade the automotive brand by the ratio of the 5-star customer feedback to sales via the testimonials we get from confirmed buyers. Under this grading criteria, we consider what the consumers think about the quality of customer service provided to them during their buying process. From the AutoDeal website all the way to the brand’s dealership showroom.

AutoDeal Sales Agent of the Year

Having a great customer service experience can easily make buying a car turn from a complicated process into one that is worry-free. With that in mind, we would like to showcase the sales agents that did their best to provide you with service with a smile and went the extra mile. 

For this category, the criteria are similar to that of the online customer service award with the addition that the sales agent must have a minimum of a 5-star rating throughout the year in order to qualify. 

 As a special thank you to those agents that worked hard, there are cash prizes in store for them. The winner gets P50,000, the first runner up gets P20,000, and finally, the second runner up gets P10,000. 

AutoDeal Dealership of the Year

The car ownership experience doesn’t end when you buy a car, it continues onward until you decide to sell it or buy a new one. With that in mind, we want to recognize the car dealerships that did their best to provide their customers and prospective clients with the best service possible. Like the other two categories, the judging criteria will be the same with leads and sales conversion being a heavy factor to be considered.

Who knows? Once we reveal the winner and why they were so good at keeping their customers happy, maybe you might consider getting your next car from there too.

Consumer Choice Award

The Philippine market is filled with multiple car options for prospective buyers to choose from. However, out of the many cars that were launched last year, there are a few that have stood out to be the best of the best and have cemented their nameplates into household names in the country.

With that in mind, we have created a special award to recognize the special vehicle that has stood out from a sea of options. In order to judge our consumer choice car award, we will base it on the following criteria. 

- Fuel economy

- Driving Performance

- Comfort

- Style and Looks

- Interior Features

- Interior Space

Aside from this, we will also take into consideration the customer satisfaction for the vehicle with servicing and after-sales in mind. This data will come from the post-satisfaction surveys that we conducted with the car on the first 6-months and every 12-month anniversary of the vehicle’s purchase. This gives buyers the opportunity to really get to know their vehicle and experience and come to their own conclusions on their purchases.

Aside from these awards we are also giving away P25,000 worth of shopping vouchers so make sure to keep your eyes on our Facebook and YouTube pages as we will be streaming the event on March 31, 2022, at 6 PM. 

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