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How to get your dealer promos to the #1 spot in AutoDeal search results

How to get your dealer promos to the #1 spot in AutoDeal search results

With more than 800 promos published on AutoDeal every month, it's always challenging for dealers to get their unique offers noticed and be seen by potential customers. But exclusive to Plus, Pro, and Elite Partner Dealers, there's a very simple way to get their deals to the #1 spot in search results and get ahead of the competition.

This is done using the Feature and Bump functions in your Promoter Dashboard, that helps promos generate up to 100% more inquiries.

Feature Your Promos

Partner Dealers can access their Promos through their Promoter Dashboard. Log in at, go to 'Promos & Ads' page on the left-hand menu, and open the 'Car Promo Inventory' page. Then, select 'Active Promos' to see all your live dealer promos for the month.

feature promo autodeal

The list will show performance metrics for each dealer promo, including Days Left before it expires, Current Page Rank, number of Leads, and number of Pageviews. Simply select any promo and click on 'Feature' to get it to the #1 spot in the promo search page results.

Take note that Plus dealers can feature each promo for only P500 per week.

Pro dealers, on the other hand, can Feature up to 3 promos per month for FREE, with each succeeding feature costing P500 per week.

But only Elite dealers get to feature all their promos every month for FREE.

featured promo autodeal


Bump Your Promos

As other dealers also use the Feature button, your promos will begin to drop in the search result rankings and lessen the chances for them to be seen by customers on AutoDeal. But you can shoot them back up to the #1 spot just by using the 'Bump' function.

On the same 'Car Promo Inventory' page, simply select any Featured promo and click the 'Bump' button for it to rank on the top of search results once again. It only costs P100 per bump and dealers can bump any Featured promo as many times as needed.

promo bump autodeal

The top six (6) ranking Featured promos also appear on the AutoDeal homepage. This further increases the number of customer views a deal receives, which also helps it generate even more inquiries and sales.

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