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Industry Report: generates $350,000,000 in gross vehicle sales in 2017

Industry Report: generates $350,000,000 in gross vehicle sales in 2017

The Philippine-based digital automotive marketplace, (AutoDeal), has generated a gross merchandise volume of US$350,000,000 from vehicles sold to AutoDeal car buyers last year.

Over the past five years, the rapid rise in new car sales peaked in 2017 where the local automotive industry’s annual growth reached 17.6% with record sales of 473,943 units. Amidst this continuous industry growth, AutoDeal has established itself as a leading online destination, thanks in part to its seamless lead-management system – a SaaS-based subscription model which automotive brands and dealers use to track online to offline sales.

According to Daniel M. Scott, Co-Founder of, “Our lead-management technology has enabled us to get as close to the transaction as possible, without having to actually handle it. Our partners value the service because it enables them to efficiently calculate their return on investments from lead-generation activities.”

He adds, “Our analytics suite provides our clients with key performance metrics like response time, sales volume and conversion rates for all dealers and sales personnel. This level of accountability has allowed AutoDeal and our partners to cooperate in a shared vision of providing Philippine car-buyers with the best online experience and levels of customer service.”

AutoDeal, which accumulates more than 2,000,000 visits a month, partners directly with original-equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and importers like Ford, Nissan and Isuzu, as well as with multi-branded dealer groups and independent dealers. Its growth furthered last year with the increase of its partner network to 350 subscribed dealers, accounting for approximately 50% of all new car dealerships in the Philippines.

In 2016, the company ventured into the pre-owned market, offering lead-management services to used car dealers in a bid to provide more depth than that of traditional classified platforms.

With an annual revenue increase of 90% in 2017 as well as additional subscriptions and sales from several enterprise and advertising products for both new and used car business units, AutoDeal forecasts 2018 to be its best year since inception in 2014.

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