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Isuzu partners with AutoDeal to bring SUVs and trucks for sale online

Isuzu partners with AutoDeal to bring SUVs and trucks for sale online

The COVID-19 Pandemic in the Philippines has brought about the rapid acceleration of growth in the online sector. To keep sales going and to help keep pace with the rest of the players in the industry, Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) is now a partner of 

Isuzu joins the AutoDeal Roster

Isuzu Reviews AutoDeal

The commercial vehicle and passenger vehicle lineup of the Japanese brand will now have a stronger presence on AutoDeal, allowing users to browse the best deals and buy their car online through the platform. Customers can choose between the brand’s latest offerings from the lineup, from consumer-oriented products like the Isuzu mu-X and D-max, the commercial vehicles like the Traviz. A selection of heavy-duty industrial products are also on offer and will be on full view in TruckDeal. 

All of Isuzu Philippines’ dealerships, with 40 and counting, will join the AutoDeal platform and be ready to serve consumers wherever they are in the country. 

A robust online consumer experience

AutoDeal Isuzu Partnership

Consumers who want to purchase an Isuzu vehicle can now get in touch with a dealer, inquire about the latest deals, and reserve their vehicle online, and arrange payment terms, scheduling, all in the comforts of their own homes thanks to All of these features are on top of being a platform for news, reviews, and information about the latest cars in the Philippines. Users can also access dealer reviews, promos, and all other pertinent purchasing information on the AutoDeal website to find the best possible route to Isuzu ownership. 

We’re extremely happy to have Isuzu Philippines Corporation join our expanding network of partner brands. Isuzu is a brand that is renowned for its reliability and durability; through this new partnership we aim to provide reliable online commerce solutions for Isuzu customers on both the AutoDeal and upcoming TruckDeal platforms.

As a brand with a stellar reputation in the Philippines, Isuzu wishes to reach more consumers and allow them to shop for their automobiles online. Inquiries, Sales Agents, Reservations, and all the information and functions to make a car purchase can be done on for Isuzu vehicles. 

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