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Mazda, Chevrolet, Nissan, and Ford win big in AutoDeal Awards 2019

Mazda, Chevrolet, Nissan, and Ford win big in AutoDeal Awards 2019, the Philippines' leading online vehicle marketplace, looks back at another stellar year by recognizing its top performing agents, dealers, and brands. 12 months of online customer data needed to be analyzed to find the big winners of the AutoDeal Awards 2019, which this year mainly came from provincial dealers representing Mazda, Chevrolet, Nissan, and Ford.

Now on its 3rd year, the AutoDeal Awards highlight the best sales agents, dealers, and brands based on online sales conversion and their abilities to provide the very best digital service experience through the AutoDeal platform.

Our thorough selection process separated the best from the good. Over 1,000 agent and 300 dealer partners were considered for the three (3) major awards: 2019 Sales Agent of the Year, 2019 Dealer of the Year, and the 2019 Online Customer Service Award.

These are the names that have made it through this year's stringent selection criteria.

"For this year's awards, we are favoring lead-to-sale conversion metrics more so than ever before. Given the highly competitive environment that automotive brands and dealers now find themselves in, we believe that is relevant to not only award great customer service skills, but also sales teams who are efficient and get the job done when it comes to closing sales. It is through such efforts that brands and dealers are able to weather the bad times and capitalize on opportunities with a customer-centric outlook."

2019 AutoDeal Sales Agent of the Year | Arline Aguirre, Chevrolet Batangas

2019 AutoDeal Sales Agent of the Year | Arline Aguirre, Chevrolet Batangas

This year, Arline Aguirre from Chevrolet Batangas claimed the top spot as the 2019 AutoDeal Sales Agent of the Year with her effectiveness at closing sales, from customers who inquired at their dealership.

She kicked off a strong year by closing her first sale of 2019 in January. More confirmed sales would quickly follow in the succeeding months, which allowed Arline to conclude the year with an epic 11.32% conversion. Her 12-month reply speed also averaged at 1 hour and 43 minutes, while maintaining a perfect 5.0-star review score from her very happy customers.

On top of the prestigious AutoDeal Sales Agent of the Year trophy, Arline will also receive a cash prize worth P50,000.

Not too far behind in the scores is Eunice Kaye Ravanera of Nissan Cagayan De Oro. She only joined AutoDeal in late January 2019, but consistently delivered sales to yield a 6.47% conversion. She also maintained a 26 minute reply speed and a 5.0-star rating to rank in 2nd.

James Benedict Dimal of Ford Pampanga was in a close 3rd place vying for the Sales Agent of the Year award. He achieved a 6.42% conversion with a 36 minute reply speed in 2019.

Eunice Kaye Ravanera will receive P20,000, while James Benedict Dimal will get P10,000 for ranking 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

2019 AutoDeal Dealer of the Year | Chevrolet Batangas

2019 AutoDeal Dealer of the Year | Chevrolet Batangas

When it comes to the 2019 AutoDeal Dealer of the Year award, Chevrolet Batangas once again takes the cake and mirrors its agent Arline Aguirre's scores.

While the dealer didn't record the most number of sales last year, it had the highest conversion with 11.32% of inquiries progressing into a sale. It also maintained a 1 hour 43 minute reply speed as well as a and 5.0-star review from their customers.

Chevrolet Batangas will receive an AutoDeal Dealer of the Year trophy.

2019 AutoDeal Online Customer Service Award | Mazda

2019 AutoDeal Online Customer Service Award | Mazda

It's a first in AutoDeal history for a brand to win the Online Customer Service Award twice. Mazda first won the prize in 2018 and has done so again in 2019 thanks to the non-stop efforts of its 18 dealerships on the platform.

Aggregated from the brand's entire nationwide dealership network, Mazda completed the year with an 8.93% conversion through leads coming from their Car Guide and Promo pages. It's also a great achievement for its dealers to collectively average 3 hours and 33 minutes in replying to all customer inquiries for 12 months. Meanwhile, the brand scored the highest in its customer satisfaction rating with an average score of 4.90-stars.

NOTE: Sales Conversion (total sales vs. total leads received) accounted for 50% of the total scoring criteria, followed by Reply Speed and Customer Feedback that were worth 25% each.

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