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Mitsubishi Philippines partners with SirQo Lead-Management Technology

Mitsubishi Philippines partners with SirQo Lead-Management Technology

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) has recently partnered with SirQo as a means of enhancing the online car buying experience for Mitsubishi customers across the country.

Through this partnership, SirQo will provide lead-management software to channel inquiries made through MMPC’s new website to Mitsubishi dealerships across the country. In doing so, this collaboration will empower MMPC to minimize customer response time, increase customer satisfaction, and gain greater online sales efficiency.

Thanks to an intuitive analytics dashboard, the Mitsubishi management team will be able to see real-time performance data related to their leads; including marketing insights, lead-progress tracking, and sales conversion. The partnership utilizes one of SirQo’s Application Programming Interfaces (API) which enables inquiries to pass instantly to the mobile devices of more than three hundred official Mitsubishi digital sales personnel across the country.

The SirQo Lead-Management System (LMS) was born from technology that was created during the development of and serves as an extended offering to automotive brands and dealerships who want to obtain increased efficiency from their online leads. 

“The initial challenge we faced with was ensuring that online inquiries were promptly and professionally handled by sales agents. Much of the technology that we purpose-built along the way was designed to make the life of a sales agent simpler while at the same time relaying vital performance data to brand and dealer management teams. Through SirQo we aim to pass on our software and relative experience to help brands better utilize their online presence and translate that to real-world sales” said SirQo co-founder Daniel Scott.

The new Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation website can be accessed at For more information on SirQo lead-management visit

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