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An Open Letter to the Car Buying Community of the Philippines.

An Open Letter to the Car Buying Community of the Philippines.

Greetings from the team at!

Over the last year, AutoDeal has made great strides to provide features and services to simplify the car buying process here in the Philippines. From our early days of publishing car promos, to the creation of our car guide and car comparison tools - our goal has constantly remained the same: to provide an online shopping portal that does the legwork to help connect you with your next vehicle.

For those buyers that have already connected with a dealer via AutoDeal, we thank-you for your patronage. For those still in the market for a new car, we’re eager to share details of our plans for 2015 that will help empower you before they ever step foot in a showroom.

With a team strength of 30 dedicated and talented individuals, AutoDeal will be continuing to break new ground this year; further introducing features and technology that will connect you with a registered car dealership from the comfort of your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

So what can you expect?

First we’ll be continuing to make great strides to improve the overall customer experience by developing more communication tools to promote timely and accurate communication between car dealerships and customers. Helping you to get the information you need and only connecting you with a dealer at the point in which you're ready to buy.

Second, we’ll be expanding features to better assist prospective customers in the provinces outside of Metro Manila through the introduction of more detailed geo-specific content.

Third, we’ll be working with more brands, more importers and more dealers to share our vision of a simplified online car buying experience, providing a more convenient service to you through greater awareness of our services.

We’re currently working alongside some of the sharpest minds in the automotive industry to bring this service to you, empowering you with the information that you so desperately crave for during your research and vehicle selection process.

We’re eager to hear your feedback. If you have suggestions or comments on what else you’d like to see on AutoDeal, feel free to contact us - we’d be more than happy to hear from you.

With Regards,

The AutoDeal Team

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