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Sales Conversations on AutoDeal almost doubled in H1 2017

Sales Conversations on AutoDeal almost doubled in H1 2017

If anyone needed any further proof on how automotive consumerism has increased through 2017, then our recent H1 Industry Insights report should come in handy as it showcases not only rising purchase interest, but also an increased shift by car buyers to use digital as the primary means to research vehicles and connect with dealers.

In particular we found that the number of conversations occurring across AutoDeal increased to 168,595 in the first half of 2017 - an increase of 90.3% vs. the second of half of 2016. The conversation metric refers to the number of unique chat threads between car-buyers and sales agents that occur across AutoDeal’s network of technology.

Pushing this growth was a 36% increase in total customer inquiries which stemmed from a 42% increase in total visits to the AutoDeal website between the same time periods.

“We’re very pleased with our recent increase in users. We believe this is not just indicative of increased purchase intent, but also a result of more car-buyers opting to use the benefits and convenience of AutoDeal ahead of visiting the showroom.” stated AutoDeal co-founder and Chief Executive Daniel M. Scott.

“The increased sales agent and buyer communication is a great result for our partners and a positive indicator of the continued relevance of our Lead-Management System” added Scott.

AutoDeal achieved 9.7 million website visits, from 6.1 Million unique users in the first half of 2017, generated a total of 37.5 million page views and 89,892 car-buying inquiries.

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