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Which Mitsubishi Dealers received the best sales feedback from AutoDeal car buyers in 2018?

Which Mitsubishi Dealers received the best sales feedback from AutoDeal car buyers in 2018?

Even with a slight decrease in the total number of units sold year-by-year, Mitsubishi Motor Philippines Corporation (MMPC) concluded 2018 on a positive note. The Diamond brand reported an increase in its market share – from 14.98% in 2017 to 18.89% in 2018 – securing its spot as the second best-selling car brand in the country. A remarkable feat, considering that the Philippine automotive industry had a slight setback in total sales last year due to the TRAIN law.

Among the reasons for this growth is MMPC’s effort to engage in a new age of car buying that utilizes the online platform., the country’s number one online automotive marketplace, has been a sales catalyst for several Mitsubishi dealerships spread across the country, enabling fast connection between the car buyer and the dealer.

best mitsubishi sales feedback

As of date, 21 out of 51 Mitsubishi dealerships have signed up to AutoDeal as a partner dealer. These partner dealers enjoy the accessibility of the online platform, as well as the benefits of promoting monthly offers and getting instant feedback from their customers. In 2018 alone, a total of 15,240 leads were sent to these Mitsubishi partner dealers.

With these advantages, the Mitsubishi partner dealers were able to provide a positive customer experience to their customers, as reflected by several feedback scores that occur every time a sales agent marks a lead as sold in the AutoDeal for Agents mobile application.

Top 10 AutoDeal Mitsubishi Partners for 2018

Based on these customer feedback scores, AutoDeal has collated the following pieces of information that indicate which dealers on average are providing the best level of online service to car-buyers on its platform.

best mitsubishi sales feedback


The Winners

Out of the 21 Mitsubishi partner dealers, five dealerships collected a perfect score of 5.0 with two customer feedbacks for each dealership, namely: Mitsubishi Motors Abad Santos, Mitsubishi Motors Fairview, Mitsubishi Motors Marilao Bulacan, Mitsubishi Motors Pili, Mitsubishi Motors Quezon Avenue.

It’s important to take note that although Mitsubishi Motors Kalookan and Mitsubishi Motors Las Piñas didn’t get a perfect 5.0 from their feedback scores, both dealerships amassed the highest number of customer feedback at 16 and 27, respectively.

Feedback from buyers praised the top-performing Mitsubishi dealers based on the accommodation of inquiry, the speed of feedback, and constant updates on the purchase process. A select number of testimonials are showcased below.

best mitsubishi sales feedback


Top Performing Mitsubishi Sales Agents

A select number of Mitsubishi Sales Agents came out on top in 2018 for providing the best online customer service experience. The cream of the crop received 100% five-star status from successful transactions made over the AutoDeal platform in 2018.

Mon Dela Fuente of Mitsubishi Motors Las Piñas rose at the top with seven perfect customer feedback scores, while Jane Calma of Mitsubishi Motors Kalookan and Melvin Monares and Neptalie Pinza, both from Mitsubishi Motors Las Piñas, all got three perfect scores, highlighting each agent’s effort to provide top-notch customer service to online car buyers.

 best mitsubishi sales feedback

With more partners signing up to AutoDeal every week, it will be interesting to see how the attentiveness of Mitsubishi dealerships to online customers evolves throughout 2019, and which dealer will rise to the top.


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