JAC Philippines Price List

Check out the 2021 JAC price list in the Philippines below. This brand specializes in both consumer and commercial vehicles, ranging from their smallest subcompact model to its largest commercial vehicles.

JAC J4 2018 JAC J4 Body Type: Sedan

JAC J4 1.5 VVT CVT ₱720,000
JAC J4 1.5 VVT MT ₱670,000

2018 JAC M3 JAC M3 Body Type: MPV

JAC M3 1.6 MT ₱895,000
JAC M3 2.0 MT ₱985,000

JAC M4 2018 JAC M4 Body Type: MPV

JAC M4 1.9 Passenger MT ₱1,220,000

JAC S1 2019 JAC S1 Body Type: Crossover

JAC S1 1.3 VVT MT ₱585,000

JAC S2 2019 JAC S2 Body Type: Crossover

JAC S2 1.5 VVT CVT ₱770,000
JAC S2 1.5 VVT MT ₱720,000

JAC S7 2018 JAC S7 Body Type: Crossover

JAC S7 1.5 DCT ₱1,610,000

2018 JAC T6 JAC T6 Body Type: Pickup Truck

JAC T6 4x2 1.9 Diesel MT ₱915,000
JAC T6 4x4 1.9 Diesel MT ₱1,090,000